The Bachelor

Dear blog, I couldn't tell you when was the last time that I watched an episode of the Bachelor. Up until this season, I had never watched an entire season of the show. I usually just watched an episode here or there, never really caring, but this season was different. I actually watched it! I felt, since I live in Arkansas, I should support Raven (#teamRaven). Did you watch this season of the Bachelor? Who were you hopping Nick would pick? I was a little bummed on who he picked, but now I think that Raven can do better. I feel like he wasn't sure of what he wanted and he cried far too often. So did Vanessa, so I guess it worked out for the best. Raven was classy, and a little sassy; she was certainly open about her past. People talked really bad about her when she talked about her ex boyfriend. I didn't see the point of people bashing her and saying she was naive and that she shouldn't have said that on national television. We hear things like that in movies and on television, why does it make it so bad that she said it? It makes no sense to me. How many women went to the movies to watch Fifty Shades of Gray; now much of that movie goes far over the line of oversharing. She also, handled everything better than the other girls. I'm so happy she will be a participant on Bachelor in Paradise, which I have never watched before, but I will this time around to see how it goes for Raven. I think she did great and looked great. I loved the dress that she chose for the proposal, it was stunning and she looked great in it. Wishing her the best :)

Have a blessed day:)


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