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Disney Store Wish List

Dear blog, one of my favorite stores to shop at is the Disney Store (shocker). I probably check the website every other day and always add something to my cart. Here are some of the items that are in my cart now:)!

This is a Coach saddle bag featuring Mickey Ears, adorable!! I like that it's in black, it will go with any outfit. It looks like it has plenty of room inside to hold the essentials. I also like that it can be used as a cross-body bag. As a mom cross-body bags are easier to carry around. I can still hold my baby on my hip, without my purse falling off. Very practical!!!!

During Christmas time, I like to have blankets laying around because it makes the room look cozy. I live in a place where we do have a winter, so it tends to get cold. I like to have blankets to use while I'm sitting on the couch watching a movie or just making lesson plans. This is the perfect blanket; it has Mickey and Minnie, and matches my Christmas tree decorations. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Flee…