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Bath and Body Works Haul!

Dear blog,
I had a couple of coupons from Bath and Body Works that I had to use before they expired. I have noticed that the best time to shop at Bath and Body Works is when you have coupons, you get way more for your money. On this purchase I saved $65 and spent $37, to be honest I wouldn't have made the purchase if I had to pay $65. I can't justify spending that much on body products, so $37 is doable. I'm going to put a disclaimer, many of the products are body washes and the reason for that is because I use body wash a lot faster than body lotion :). Alright now to the haul!

I mainly bought products from the Sea-Tox line because of the mermaid on the packaging. I only picked three items from the collection and they are the products that I know I will use. So I got the Sea Mineral Body Wash Cleanse, Sea Mineral Body Polish, and Sea Mineral All Over Mist. I'm really looking forward to using these products, they smell amazing :).

Japanese Cherry Blossom is a scent that…

Disney Store Haul

Dear blog,

You know me and my Disney obsession, it's summer time and the Disney store is having their Twice Upon a Year Sale. I've learned that this is the best time to shop at the Disney store. I've gotten some great deals, I've been able to get my kiddos some of their favorite items with their favorite characters.

Currently my boy is into Marvel's Avengers and my baby girl is into Moana. I found some cute sandals for summer for only $3.99. I bought two pairs for my son, he was in need of some sandals. I got him Spider-Man, these are the ones he is currently using now. The second pair are Avengers, I'm saving these for his birthday. His theme is going to be Avengers so I figured this will be a good time to give him the pair! Other than the sandals I got him a Spider-Man swim trunks and shirt for this summer (I'm really looking forward to telling you about our summer plans). He actually picked it out, he saw me scrolling through the website and he saw Spide…

Disney Theme Home Decor Ideas

Dear blog,  I recently wrote a blog talking about the Disney Target Collection and how much I love it. I decided to show you how I have decorated parts of my house Disney inspired. I love reading and books and I've always wanted a nice way to display them. I finally got my wish with these Disney Mickey Mouse Bookends . They are beautiful and look great in my living room. I'm not a fan of filling up every nick and cranny in my house. I prefer to use classy and simple decorations around my house.

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney princess movies, I'm fascinated by the characters. Chip is one of my all time favorite, I've talked about that in the past. During one of my Disney trips, I bought the Chip Mug because it's so stinking cute and I had to add it to my mug collection. I recently purchased the Lumiere Light-Up Figure . I wanted to make some changes to my bedroom, make it a little more simple and I felt like the Lumiere figu…

Disney Target Collection

Dear blog,
I'm bringing you my Disney Target Collection Haul. I actually saw all of the items in the actual store, but decided to make the purchase online. I'm glad I did because they were on sale online when I placed the order. To many of you it will not come as a shock that I bought items from the collection, knowing that I'm a Disney fanatic. I knew I had to get some things! Without further ado let's jump into the haul.

The first item is a Minnie Mouse Bow Throw Pillow Gold/White. I love the combination of gold and white, its very classy and clean. It has dots and Minnie ears all over the pillow.

The second item is Disney's Mickey Mouse 2pc Thumbs Up Bookends Gold/White. I've been looking for bookends for a very long time, I just hadn't found some that I liked. If I did like one they were usually too expensive. These were perfect because they are so cute and affordable, which is always a plus!
Last but not least a Gold/White Minnie Blanket. This blanket …