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Disney Family Summer Vacation 2018

Dear blog,
I was convinced we wouldn't be able to travel this year for our vacation, let alone go to Disney World. My husband actually surprised me and said that we will visit one of Disney's water parks, I was beyond excited once he told me. I actually haven't visited any of Disney's water park so this is amazing. My kiddos love water parks so it makes the perfect summer vacation. Like I mentioned before, I like taking my family on summer vacations. My kiddos and nephews only get to see each other twice a year that is not long enough. That is why I love planning our vacations and having them come with us.

Our plan is to visit Typhoon Lagoon, the tickets to the water park are $65, if you didn't know, this is a lot cheaper than the theme parks. We get a discount for being Disney Vacation Club members, one of the best decisions we ever made was to become DVC members. I highly recommend it if you and your family love all things Disney.

My kids have an autograph book …

Young Living Essential Oils Must Haves!!

Dear blog,
I have been using Young Living Essential Oils for the past three years and it has been one of the best decisions I ever made. Since I started using essential oils I haven't had the need to drink a pill every time I have aches or pains. I not only use oils on myself, I use it on my children and sometimes on my husband (he is not a fan of oils and their smell). I diffuse the oils and apply topically, very rarely do I take them internally.

I love all of the oils and products I have used from Young Living, but in the span of these three years I have certain products/oils that are my must haves. These are products that I keep on hand at all times!

1. Digize for Young Living members $33.75: I have heard people talking about Digize and how great it works, but they would always make a comment on the smell and because of that I was a bit hesitant of purchasing this oil. But it got to a point where Tums was not doing the job anymore. Instead it was making me sick, so I stopped ta…

New Young Living Products

Dear blog,
Young Living's Convention 2018 just passed and I was really excited when they announced their new products. I can't wait to try the new products, especially the ones that are meant for oily skin!

Here are the five products that are on my wish list!
1. Orange Blossom Moisturizer for members $33.50, it says that it controls excess oils and preps your face for makeup for a matte look. This is what my skin needs. I have very oily skin and makeup doesn't last long on my face. 
2. Maximum Strength Acne Treatment for members $26.00, I'm in my late 20's and still struggle with acne! I find it so frustrating. I always thought once I hit a certain age I wouldn't have to worry about acne, well I was wrong. As a teenager I tried so many drug store acne treatments and none seem to work. I'm hoping this treatment is different. Not only does this treatment help clear pimples, it also helps clear blackheads!! 
3. Kidscent MightyPro for members $32.75, I like th…