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Disney Trip Day 2: Typhoon Lagoon

Dear blog,
The second day of our trip was designated for Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park. This was our first time visiting Disney's water park and we were not disappointed. The park opened at 10 and we were there around 9:30 to purchase our tickets. Tickets are $65, but we were able to get a discount for being Disney Vacation Club Members.

These cuties ready for the water park :)!

We loved the water park, I was a little skeptical because I didn't know what to expect. No one from our group had ever visited Typhoon Lagoon. When you first walk in there is a spot for you to take a family picture, it has a really cute set up. I highly recommend you take a picture there, it makes for a good memory. 
Since we got there rather early we ran straight to find chairs to use for our stay. We found a spot near a small side pool, near the restrooms (location is important lol, especially when you have little kids and they need diaper change). At first I was freaking out because I forgo…

Disney Trip 2018 Day 1

Dear blog,
I can't believe that my Disney Vacation is over! They are never long enough in my opinion. We were glad to make it to Orlando while it was still day time, we wanted to enjoy our hotel after a 13 hour car ride. We stayed at the Caribe Royale in Orlando. Its a beautiful hotel in a great location. My son calls hotels his "big house", he loves visiting/staying in hotel rooms! Our children particularly liked the kids play area, there was a pool and slides. The pool is not very deep so it's perfect for toddlers, but they still need to be supervised. There's also a pool for adults with a slide and a waterfall. Plus, beneath the waterfall is a gorgeous seating area. The slide is a must, it's fun and it goes fast lol.

My big girl walking with her Minnie Mouse suitcase!

The first night we were there we actually celebrated my son's and my birthday. My sister-in law baked my cake and baked cupcakes for my son. This year I requested Mrs. Potts from Beauty a…

Next Year in Havana by Chanel Cleeton

Dear blog,
I recently finished listening to Next Year in Havana by Chanel Cleeton on Audible. I was actually able to listen to the book for free on a 30 day free trial. I checked the public library first, but they didn't have it so I decided to try audible. I usually prefer a physical book because I love the smell and feel of them. It also helps with my struggle to understand English since its my second language, not my native language. I find it difficult to focus when someone else is reading and I can't follow along. Also, as the mother of two toddlers, I really enjoy the me time of reading books, but this free trial allowed me to listen to the book during our very long drive to Florida for vacation. I would go for a walk/run and I was able to listen to about an hour of the book a day. I'm looking forward to reading When We Left Cuba which is expected to release in February of 2019.

I'm a sucker for a good romance novel and this was just perfect. I loved the story an…

Christopher Robin: Family Friendly Adventure of Laughs (Movie Review)

Dear Blog,
My wonderful husband surprised us with a family outing to the movie theater this evening. School is right around the corner and we wanted to get some valuable family tim in before the rush of fall hits. So, he took my advice and bought tickets to the new Disney film, Christopher Robin. Before I discuss the movie itself I want to describe a major issue we face everyday. This is the danger of showing movies and tv shows to our children. My husband and I love watching movies and shows, but so many of them are filled with unnecessary indoctrination. Every show has to have homosexuals, lesbians, abortions, drugs, or a general hatred for basic American values. Yes, I know these are all things that exist in our world, but why does my four year old need to be told he isn't the gender he was born as? You have your beliefs and I have mine, but why does all forms of entertainment have to push your beliefs on my child? Well, even when Disney seems the biggest champion of all these…