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Eureka Springs

Good evening, two weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit a great little town in north Arkansas, Eureka Springs! I went with my husband and his family and we had tons of fun. On our first day there we visited Christ of the Ozarks and the Great Passion Play. The statue was amazing and the play was very good. We also attended the dinner theatre there on the Great Passion Play's grounds where the Texans performed. It was a very funny show and the food was even better.

Our second day was spent just sight seeing and visiting many of the historical places around town. We walked down main street and looked through many of the shops. There are plenty of choices when it comes to shopping. But we found much more to do then just shop. There are two haunted hotels in the town. The Basin Park Hotel and the Crescent Hotel are the names of the two hotels. We only visited the Crescent hotel on this trip but would like to visit the other the next time we are in Eureka Springs. The Crescent Hotel …