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June Favorites From My Son

Dear blog, I thought it would be a neat concept to post my son's favorite products of the month. I'm excited to trying this out, I love to look back and see the products I've been using on him and he has enjoyed. So let's begin:)!

My son loves trains, which is why the first two items deal with trains, lol. I wrote a post about taking him to spend the day with Thomas the Train. He had such a wonderful time, I hope to take him again next year. This is a book I have been reading to him lately and he likes the books that make noise. He has gotten really good at identifying the characters. The name of the book is Thomas and Friends Find That Freight! from Toys R Us.

This train my parents bought, at the Chattanooga Battlefield as a souvenir. My son took it from their house because he wanted to play with it, lol. So he has been playing with it all around the house saying "choo choo train." I personally love it!! 

He has been loving these Kellogg's fruit snacks;

Kangaroo Care

Dear blog, giving birth to a premie has been one of the hardest thing I've had to do. Not getting to hold my baby whenever I want. Seeing her attached to different machines is just something very hard to see. I wish I could just hold her and her not be attached to the machines, but since I can't constantly hold her. every time I get to do skin to skin contact is the greatest feeling. There's a thing called Kangaroo Care and this is when you hold your baby tucked into your shirt, I looked like a Kangaroo. I'm so thankful for the March of Dimes Association; they provide the cutest gifts. When I did my first skin to skin I got a gift. It's a kangaroo, with a mirror, and a water bottle. I love the kangaroo, it's such a neat reminder of my first time. I have a feeling my family and I will be helping this cause.

This was on May 24, my first time holding her, I had to wear a blue gown and gloves. I couldn't touch her :(. Very hard!!

This was on May 27, after disea…

Lavender and Frankincense

Dear blog, on Tuesday June 2 has been two weeks since my surgery and I cannot be more happy. After a week of surgery, my incision started to itch and I was looking for something to help with the itch and the inflammation. Since I use oils, I thought I would find what oils could possibly help. So I reached out to my mentor and she had some suggestions. I began to use them immediately and since then I have noticed a huge difference. I began to use it on the big bruise I have on my belly as well because it was very swollen and I wanted for it to go down so I will start feeling better. The pictures I will be posting will be from the big bruise and the big difference the oils have made. I rub them on every night before bed and I take the picture the next day.

The oils I have been using are from Young Living and they are Lavender and Frankincense.

This one was several days after surgery, I decided to brave it and see how it looked and I freaked out because that explained the pain I was expe…

Lolly Wolly Doodle Wish List

Dear blog, this website Lolly Wolly Doodle reminds me of Lilly Pulitzer. They both have that summery print that is just beautiful, but Lolly is more affordable. I've been into pineapple's lately and Lolly has a pineapple print palazzo pants in several different colors, for $39. Actually all of the prints are absolutely gorgeous.

They also have shirts for $34 in the pineapple print, Samm top.

Another item that I like is the capri leggings, they look comfortable enough to use to workout! I wouldn't mind working out in pineapple print leggings. My six weeks of recovery time is almost up and I'm ready to workout, these leggings is just what I need to get motivated.

This website has beautiful clothes, these are the items that I'm wanting to buy. There are other beautiful prints I'm just digging pineapples at this moment.

Book of the Month

Dear blog, I have found an amazing website for us book lovers. I don't usually sign up for monthly boxes, but I would sign up for this monthly subscription. I'm a huge book worm: I can start a book in one day and finish it that same day. I love the different places a book can take me. This summer, I've been doing lots of reading, it has been a great distraction from everything that we are currently going through, if you don't know what I'm referring to click here. Anyway, the subscription I'm talking about is called book of the month. For 1 month it's $14.99 and on the first of the month they send you an email announcing 5 selections that the judges have chosen, you then have 6 days to decide which you would like (you can skip a month if you like), finally on the 7th your book will ship. The best part is free shipping. Who doesn't like free shipping??!! Let me know if this is something you would try.

"The more you read the more things you know. The…

Clean! Clean! Clean!

Dear blog,
When my son was born, I became more conscience of the types of products I wanted to use on him. At the time, I was watching it'sjudyslife on Youtube and I heard about The Honest Company. Immediately, I started researching the company and I liked the idea about using organic products. I proceeded to buy a couple of their products such as the dish soap, shower gel, and lotion. I first purchased these products at Buy Buy Baby and I bought several just to have as back ups. I like to have back ups; I panic if I don't. I was excited to start using the products. I still use all three of those products with my son and I plan to use them with my daughter. I recently found that they have a bubble bath product; of course I bought it. It's a great product, it makes lots of bubbles and my son loves it. If your children like to take bubble baths, try this product.

Currently, I'm using the dish soap and I'm running low on it. I already ordered another bottle, before I …

Oakley Father's Day Guide

Dear blog, I recently visited an Oakley store for the first time. I found some great items for Father's Day this year. This has items that my dad, husband and brother like; for example, sunglasses, baseball caps, wallets, sandals, and many more products.

A great deal they have going on right now is buy any item, get one half off. I have actually taken advantage of this deal, I found it to be very convenient since I have to buy gifts for several people.

Here are some of the items I have been loving and would like to buy.
My husband has been begging me to get him a backpack he can use for work. I really like the Oakley Enduro 20 L backpack.

Bottle Rocket Polarized, these are sunglasses. I love the style of these sunglasses. Very fitting for the men in my life.

I actually have purchased these items as gifts :)! I really like the quality and look of these products.

Tinfoil Hat

Factory Lite Sandals

Discharged from Hospital

Dear blog, on Sunday I was discharged from the hospital that didn't mean much to me because I wasn't going back home. I will be staying at the Ronald McDonald House: it's only about 10 minutes from the hospital so I can still be close to baby. I wish I was getting to go home and take baby with me, but I know it's not the time yet. It has been a week since I had the baby. I'm still bruised severely and in quite a bit of pain, but it's getting better. I don't have to take pain medicine as often. I only take it at night time which is when the pain hits in from the exhaustion of the day. I wasn't thrilled having to leave the hospital because the beds give better support when I try to get up. But I have finally gotten well enough that it's not as difficult getting out of bed. On Tuesday I had my staples removed, oh man what a glorious day that was. I felt so much better, I could walk better and I was able to be a little bit more independent.

My husband l…

After Operation

Dear blog, on Wed when I was moved to a recovery room, I didn't do too much. I was in pain and couldn't move. The one thing I did was visit my baby girl; I was very happy that they allowed me to see her that fast. I didn't get to touch her I just saw her through the incubator :(, which broke my heart I couldn't hold my tears back. I couldn't believe how tiny she was and I can't even hold her and cuddle with her. Wed wasn't a very adventurous day, a lot of laying around and resting.

Thursday was just awful, I couldn't keep any food down. I was throwing up most of the day. I was told I needed to start walking so I did because I just want to start feeling better and be able to do things on my own. I'm tired of being pricked to take blood out, there is absolutely no more places for the nurses to poke. My right arm has an IV and it's swollen so they only have my left arm and that arm is so bruised already. They can't even find veins. On Thursday …