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Dear blog, for Mother's Day I wanted to find a mother/daughter charm; one for my mom and one for me. So I was searching online and I found Pugster, they have a selection of different charms for a great price. I did find the charms I was looking for and I got it. When put together it makes a heart; one half says mother the other half says daughter. I can't wait to give my mom her half. I'm so happy I found it and at such a great price.

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Blogger Problems

Dear blog, I'm in no way hating those bloggers who are already successful. I'm proud of them that they have worked so hard to get where they are today. Now I do get upset when I try to reach out to them to collaborate and they just ignore me; I find that to be very unprofessional. If you are not interested in doing it, you can just say you don't want to. When you ignore people, you look bad. This actually happened to me, I contacted another blogger to see if I could interview her about the blog and how she became successful. The questions would be posted on both blogs, hers and mine. She agreed to do it, so I sent her the questions. It has been 4 months since I talked to this person and I have not received an email with the answers. See I understand you are busy, we're all busy, but you started out at the bottom just like I am. But it's okay, I will make my own dreams come true without you. If nobody reads my blog, that is fine too. I just want to use this as an ou…

Graduation Wish List

Dear blog, graduation time is getting closer. I will be graduating with my Masters in August; I'm beyond excited. I never imagined I would make it this far. Since I have, it's all thanks to God and my family for their support. Now that I will be graduating, I'm seeking a teaching position. I'm scared and excited about being a first year teacher, but I feel such pressure to be the best teacher possible. I have found two books that I want to read this summer to help prepare me for this new journey. I love to research how to best handle a classroom while still showing love.

The first book is "Teaching With Love and Logic" by Jim Fay and David Funk. I have read Jim Fay's book "Parenting With Love and Logic" and I absolutely loved it. I will be using his discipline techniques when my son is older. Jim Fay provides great insights into how to discipline a child, while still showing love. He focuses on teaching them to be ready for the real world. There…

Fuller House on Netflix! Who's Excited!!

Dear blog, I don't know if you have heard yet, but there is going to be a sequel to Full House. Full House is my all time favorite show. Thank you Netflix for making this possible. I'm so happy to see the cast working together again. I love Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) and Dj ( Candace Cameron Bure). She is such an inspiration, definitely someone I hope I meet. Is it possible to be part of their live audience taping because this will be so cool. HAHA this is to me hopping. I love that it will be a Netflix special because I don't have cable, but I do have Netflix so this is great. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for it :)!

Liz Earle

Dear blog, I have been wanting to try Liz Earle products. I first heard about them from Gabriella on YouTube. Liz Earle is a British beauty brand for every skin type. Here are some skin care products that I want to try.

Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser $25.50
Instant Boost Skin Tonic $24.50
Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion $25.00
Gentle Face Exfoliator $30.00

Lilly Pulitzer

Dear blog, how many of you were looking forward to buying items from the Lilly Pulitzer collection for Target? I was! Sadly I did not have the opportunity to buy any of the items I wanted; they were sold out. I keep checking the Target website to see if they are going to restock. I was on the website at 12 to start shopping, but the website was down. My parents visited Target stores for me, but ther was nothing left at any of the stores they visited. Do you know if the collection was only available for one day? I hope not because I really want to buy the items I wanted. Did you buy anything from the collection? If you did let me know in the comment section.

Lilly Pulitzer by Target

Dear blog, I'm so excited for the Lilly Pulitzer collection that will come out at Target. I have been looking through the website and I have found some items that I really want to purchase. I love all of my picks, especially for Spring/Summer. What are your favorite items from the collection?

Strapless Maxi Dress-Nosie Posey $34.00

Shift Dress-Nosie Posey $38.00
Gold Sandals-Starfish $30.00

Espadrilles-Nosie Posey $24.00
Flip Flops- Nosie Posey $16.00

Hot Body Year Round

Dear blog, I just recently received my Hot Body Year Round book by Cassey Ho in the mail. I was so excited for this purchase because I'm a huge fan of Cassey, so why not support her by buying her book. I love how colorful it is! It is noticeable that she put a lot of time and effort into this book. Great Job Cassey!! I'm looking forward to doing the exercises she has so nicely provided; with pictures and written description :). Since you guys already know I have a baby and he is crawling, I don't have much time to workout, But, thanks to Cassey's book and the way she sets up the workouts I will be able to do it because it doesn't take much of my time. I'm excited to try the recipes she has provided in the book; this book has made it so easy because it was a pain having to look through her videos to find the recipe I wanted to try. I love the personal notes she included throughout the book; information on how much water to drink, meal plans, and encouraging note…

Empties 2015

Dear blog, another two graduate classes under my belt; I'm so glad. In another week I will be starting another set of classes. I have had a chance to look through the syllabus and it looks like for the next seven weeks my hands will be full. The fun continues, but I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Let's begin with The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil body scrub. Love, love, this product. This is a very gentle scrub, but it gets the job done. The smell is absolutely stunning. I highly recommend this product. I will be repurchasing this product.

 The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil shower gel. This is a great shower gel and it smells amazing. This is my all time favorite, I have several of these stock up. Highly recommend it.

The Body Shop Olive Shower gel, I did not like the scent of this shower gel, I would not repurchase this scent :(. I mean it works great, I just can't handle the smell.

Bath and Body Works Paris Amour shower gel; this is my favorite scent fro…