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September Favorites

This is my first time doing a favorites. My favorites will include a variety of products.

TV Show: My husband and I watched the first 3 seasons of Warehouse 13. We are really enjoying it; if you are interested in Syfy drama/comedy you will enjoy this show.

L'oreal Foundation: I talked about this product in one of my old posts. I really like this foundation, it gives me a nice, clean finish.

This is the MAC Painterly, I love to use this before I apply my eyeshadows.

Elf concealer with the benefit highlight. I use these two together to brighten my under eyes.

Avon nail polish, this color is bubble gum. It's a really pretty pink.

 L'oreal Voluminous Mascara. I love the way this mascara makes my eye lashes look longer.

Revlon Lip Butter, this is in Pink Truffle. I love that it is so soft and it just glides on my lips. I love that it isn't sticky.

 Green tea with mug. I've been drinking the Arizona Green tea; it is really good and I've been using this soecial mug wi…

Outfit of the Day, Olive Garden, Starbucks, Bath and Body Works and Francesca's Haul

Dear blog, this Saturday my husband and I decided to go on a date; it had been a stressful week and we wanted sometime away from campus. Our date started with a nice lunch at Olive Garden, I was starving. I started off with a type of chicken soup, kind of like Chicken and Dumplings. Then I had Steak Gorgonzola-Alfredo. It was amazing, I was a little hesitant at first, but once I started eating I didn't want to stop, lol. We then went to the mall to walk off the amazing meal. We stopped at Barnes and Noble to have some Starbucks; I had my favorite fall drink the Pumpkin Spice Latte, I love the scent of this coffee. I just want to have that smell in my house because it trigers something in my mind that helps me relax. We sat there and just talked until we finished with our drinks.We did some shopping. We stopped at Francesca's Collection and bought the neon green with polka dots blouse; it was on super sale, lol, I got it for $18. Then we went to Bath and Body Works where I bou…

Relaxing Night

Hi guys what I do to relax. Is light up a good smelling candle; Autumn Day. Sitting on my big comfy couch reading a book and drinking a cup of Arizona green tea. What do you guys do to relax? Dale!

Book Review and Summary: Catch 22

I just finished reading Catch 22 by Joseph Heller, another book from my list. It took me some time to get into the book. It felt like it was very slow and not much was happening. I felt that to read this book I needed to have lots of patience because in certain sections of the book it drug on. It was an okay book; the book is about several men that are in the military, but just want to be sent home and get out of the war. They were afraid of dying in the war. So what they did to protect themselves from dying was getting sick and being sent to the hospital. It wasn't always easy to be sent to the hospital, there was always a catch and here is where the title comes into play. I'm going to use an example of what is a Catch 22.  These men are expected to complete a certain amount of flight missions and then they would be sent home, but what they noticed was by the time they completed their missions they were given ten more missions that needed to be completed. In order for them to…

Church Outfit of the Day

Hey guys this is the outfit I wore to church on Sunday!!!
The shoes and the nude watch are from Francesca's Collection. I love this store :) Pink Cardigan: Forever21

Ice Cream Social

This blog is going to be about what has been going on at my school. I have been studying for my physical science class, I have a test next week and there are several pages of notes that I need to study. Also, I'm the Vice President of the teacher organization of the college and for today we had an ice cream social planned. This is when the students who are majoring in Education come together and have some time to bond with the others. Thursday, we the officers, decorated the room. We wanted to make it look good for both girls and boys. On the front door we did hung some streamers, this looked really cute. On the big table we had the ice cream, the toppings and the drinks. To the right side you can kinda see a white t-shirt that was for the students to write ideas for the club shirts we have to order. We had some really cute ideas written down. The tables were decorated with tablecloths, we made a cute design in the center with the napkins, and then we scattered candy on top of th…

Francesca's Collection, Bath and Body Works, and Walmart Haul

Hey guys it's Friday so of course my husband and I needed some time out of the house; we have spent all week in doors doing homework, so we decided to reward ourself. I got the chance to go shopping, but I was given a $60 budget; not much. But I made it work.

This is a mustache watch from Francesca's I love this store, it is a bit pricey, but it always has cute accessories, clothes, and shoes. The watch was $18, I thought it was so cute and I couldn't leave it behind, like eleventhgorgeous (they have a channel on youtube) say " If you love something you don't set it free... Go get you some". So I decided to use their method.

Look I found this cute necklace at Modcloth ( Haute Handlebar Necklace) it goes perfect with my watch. Don't you think? Well I'm gonna have to wait to get this one, lol.

These shoes are also from Francesca's I did not get them, but they are way cute. they are next on my shopping list. They were on sale for $40.

I got these two…


Hi beauties, while I was in class today when an idea came to my mind; a giveaway for you awesome readers so that is what I'm going to do. Lately I've been really into wearing headbands, the kind I've been wearing are very comfortable, you don't even feel it on your head. I'm giving away a red headband with an orange and red flower. The last day to enter is October 3, 2012 and the winner will be announced on October 4, 2012. Here is what you need to do to enter:

1. You have to follow me here on Blogger.
2. Leave a comment on two of my posts; including this one. Be sure too leave your email address, name, age, and state/country
3. It doesn't matter how old you are, but if you are under the age of 18 make sure you ask your parents for permission.
4. The winner will be chosen randomly.
5. I will send you you an email letting you know; or check back on October 4, 2012.

Christmas in September

Hi beauties, I know I haven't posted much lately and Im sorry for that. This blog is going to be a little haul (it is more like a package from my mom, lol). I love checking the mail and seeing that I have a package slip in my box, it makes me happy. Every time I open a package from my mom it feels like Christmas.

Here are some of the goodies that came in my package:

The first three products are face masks, these were purchased from I already tried the Clay Mask: Chocolate and Strawberry. I really liked using it, but I don't recommend buying them online because it comes out to be so expensive they each cost $1.39 and my whole purchased was $8. Not a very good deal for such small packages. I was checking online and ULTA sells them in a bottle.

This is the Macademia hair mask that I've been wanting to try :)

This is a Pineapple and Mango Body Bar. I really enjoy using Melaleuca's product. The next product is also from Melaleuca, it is the Renew lotion. I love…