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Meeting Thomas the Train!!

Dear blog, before I was a mom it never crossed my mind that I would be making reservations to meet a train!!!! Not just any train, Thomas the train! This cartoon is one of my son's favorite shows to watch. We use Netflix as our TV entertainment, so we have watched the same episodes many times, he even knows the song at the end; he brings us the remote to start the next one. Well back to meeting Thomas, we bought a DVD of Thomas an Friends from Target; while we were watching the commercials before the movie, I noticed a commercial about " A Day with Thomas the Train". At first I wasn't sure what it meant and if it was they even held events in the states: Thomas is a British cartoon. Anyway, I began researching the event, sure enough they do have events in the states. By the way, the DVD stays in my car with our Phillips (similar to ours) DVD player we bought from Best Buy to use when we travel. So, back to my research, I found an event in Chattanooga, TN. Once I bough…

Wish List for Baby Girl

Dear blog, I love writing wish list blogs because it helps me keep track of items I would like to purchase. Since I will be having a girl this summer, I'm on the look out for anything cute for girls. Her nursery theme is Disney's Minnie Mouse; I may not have told you, but I am a huge Disney fan. Both of my children's nursery themes have been Disney related.

I chose this pink crib bedding from Walmart; this is the Disney Minnie Mouse Happy Day. I absolutely love it, I can't wait to put together her nursery.
I still need several items to complete her nursery. I need the dirty close hamper and some storage boxes, but every time I check, they are out of stock so I might have to figure something else out.
Also, the Disney Minnie Mouse Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit 10 pc. It's absolutely gorgeous, I mainly love the pink and flowers, so it's extremely girly!

Another item I really would like for her nursery it's a sheepskin faux rug from Ikea. I have searched o…

Husbands vs. Wives

Dear blog, I read Becky Thompson's recent blog post "Three Reasons I'm Fighting With My Husband" and it made me think deeper about my own marriage. Everything she discussed was very accurate. When my husband and I had our first baby, it was so overwhelming. We didn't know what to do. As an education major, I have read many books about child development and ways to discipline them, but it's different when you actually have one of your own.

We are not a perfect couple, we argue and sometimes we argue about silly things, but now that we have a baby (and another on the way) I think there are even more issues to argue over. We don't always agree on how to parent. We come from very different backgrounds and cultures: my husband was born in the United State while I was born in Cuba. Sometimes it is very difficult to explain how I think parenting should be. In the Hispanic culture, family is very important; we always try to stay near each other and help each othe…

Mother's Day Wish List

Dear blog, Mother's Day is around the corner and this year is very special to me. Not only do I get to celebrate my second year of being a mom, but this will be my first year celebrating Mother's Day with my mom when are both mothers (I wasn't able to be with her last year for my first). This is a big deal for me because my mom is my best friend and I just love sharing special moments with her. Going along with being my first year celebrating with my mom, I want to treat her to a Manicure and Pedicure day with me. I would love to take her to the spa again. I really enjoyed our "couples" massage from last year at Massage Envy. But if the spa is not a possibility, just getting a mani-pedi will be good for me.

I'm a Young Living Essential Oils fan! I love the concept behind the oils, if they were used during biblical times why shouldn't we use them now? I do use the oils in my house. I diffuse oils in my son's room almost every night, especially if I not…

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane!

Dear blog, I recently learned about Invaluable: this is an auction website where you can find collectibles ranging from paintings to dolls. I have been looking through the website and I have found items that were popular during my childhood. The website brought back many memories from my childhood.

This is called a maquina de coser or a sewing machine as we would say in English. My mom had one of these to make clothes for my dolls and I. I loved to play with it and pretend I was sewing clothes. The one shown below is only a toy, but we had a real one at home.

I grew up with two brothers and they use to play with marbles. I was never very good at it, but they did try to teach me. It was a great bonding activity for us three. 

Wow,, this item brought back many memories for me. My grandparents, on my dad's side, had one of these in almost every bedroom in their house. Us children used to hide in them during a game of hide and seek. My grandparents are not alive anymore, but this armo…

Disney World

Dear blog, I am a huge fan of Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. I've visited several times for several different birthdays and even for my honeymoon (which just happened to be his visit to any Disney Park). It's my favorite place to visit and I couldn't wait to take my son for his first birthday. It was so magical.

As I said, for my son's first birthday we took him to Disney World. It was such a wonderful experience sharing these memories with my son and nephew. I never wanted to take a baby to Disney World because them being so little would make it miserable for them and us in the Florida heat. I'm not going to say it was an easy trip, because it wasn't; we needed a large stroller for the boys, big backpack (with food, water and supplies for the babies), and pay constant attention to two children who weren't always having a good time. But, I wouldn't change any of it for the world. One of my favorite memories was seeing his reaction to meeting Micke…

Stay at Home Mom

Dear blog, I miss being a stay at home mom! I don't like missing out on milestones my son may reach during the day while I'm off at work. I haven't made the announcement on here yet, but my husband and I are expecting once again.

With my son, I was able to stay at home with him for a year. It was the most wonderful experience; I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Everyday I fear the thought of not being there for my baby girl and my son. I love to provide for my family, but my gut keeps telling me that I need to be at home with my babies. When I go to work each morning, there's a heavy weight on my heart, similar to guilt for leaving my son and not spending enough time with him. You know I don't care about the money because money is not going to bring back any memories or the time I have missed with my son :(. But it helps to know that I'm able to provide for him: he has food, clothes, a place to live, and parents that love him. This is what help…

Becky Thompson

Dear blog, I first heard about Becky Thompson from a friend at church. I asked her what she received for her birthday; she mentioned the book Hope Unfolding by Becky Thomson, which her husband had given her. She explained that Becky is a Christian blogger who talks about motherhood, marriage, and other subjects. I was hooked as soon as she described her. It's nice to know there are other women out there who know what it feels like when you are overwhelmed by life. Since she talked to me about Becky, I've been reading her blogs. I haven't purchased the book just yet, but my friend will let me borrow her copy when she is done. I might buy it before then, though. I enjoy reading encouraging blogs and I especially love blogs with encouragement built from the Bible. I highly recommend Becky's blog.

Have a blessed day :)