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Dear blog, now that a new semester has started I feel like I need to do everything possible to stay motivated and on schedule. To keep motivated I watch movies that show other women focused on the task on hand. Here are the films that I watch to motivate and help me stay focused on what I want. To be honest I have watched these films so many times, especially when I'm working on an assignment and I'm losing my focus.

1. Legally Blonde: who is with me? The scene of her getting mad and barging out of the "costume" party gets me all the time. The way she gets determined to work hard and be recognized as a smart person; that she can do it too! I love it. Sometimes I feel like her, down and discouraged. I start feeling like a terrible student, but then I see her succeed and become what everyone thought she couldn't. After I see that I imagine myself accomplishing my dreams and doing what I thought couldn't do.

2. To get inspiration and motivation while I'm req…

Week 7 Weight Loss Journey

Dear blog, last week was much better. I was looking slimmer, even though my numbers on the scale were not going down. I did lose a pound so I'm extremely happy about that. I feel like a slacker though with school starting up again; I feel like I have no time for anything else. All I do is take care of the baby, work around the house, and spend countless hours on my computer working on homework. I did good dedicating an hour of my day to workout; some days I could do the full hour other days I couldn't. I hope I can keep up that commitment this week. Time is such a precious thing, I need to learn how to take advantage of every minute.

* Sorry for not writing as much last week. I have lots of papers to write for my classes, but I won't let that stop me from writing several times a week.


Dear blog, today's post is not like any other. Today a friend of mine will be talking about her online boutique with Chloe + Isabel. I hope you get the chance to check out her boutique. There are some really cute accessories. If you do purchase something, leave a picture in the comments below or tag her and I on Instagram :).

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Chloe + Isabel, a fashion and lifestyle brand based out of New York City. The company’s mission is to connect stylish, creative and confident women through a modern-day social shopping experience, and I couldn’t be more excited to be joining the team as a Merchandiser!

My online boutique (now live!) features my personalized selection of beautifully crafted, affordably priced, and high quality jewels from c+i. You’ll find everything from on-trend statement necklaces, to chic wrap bracelets, to easy everyday essentials. Check it out here: All jewelry pieces are hypoallergenic…

Dillard's Haul

Dear blog, I recently went to the mall and stopped at Dillard's. I had a gift card so I decided to look around and see if I could find any items I liked. I specifically went to look for new Ralph Lauren Pillows. I'm a huge fan of Ralph Lauren Pillows; they usually last around three years and my three years are up; so I thought it was time to change my pillows. I got the Ralph Lauren Lawton Extra Firm Pillow for $15.00. I'm so excited to use my new pillows.

This is my first time buying any Kate Spade products and let me tell I'm a bit pumped about it. I love me some polka dots and home decor! I was walking through the home section at Dillard's and the polka dots caught my attention; so I casually walked over and looked at the napkins and I knew I had to get them. These will be great for the spring/summer. I really liked everything else in her home decor, but the napkins were the only thing I could get. 
These are the napkins I had during the fall/winter months and …

Back to School

Dear blog, it is time to start a new semester. I'm getting so close to being done with my Master's degree. I have 5 classes left; God willing I will complete my Master's and graduate this August. I'm so pumped to finally be done and get a small break from school. Which is ironic because my degree is in teaching. It is time to buy text books and school supplies. Even though my classes are online, I still like to have a notebook to take notes as I read. Also, I love post it notes to write reminders of when assignments need to be turned in, pens, pencils, and highlighters. I'm all about making to-do lists, so I always have a piece of paper around that tells me what I need to be doing.

This is a lap computer desk, I bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond it is not found online. I have had this desk for about 5 years now. I really like this desk because it can be moved around; it can be used on the couch or just to sit on the floor. This desk has two slots on the side to keep…

Week 6 Weight Loss Journey

Dear blog, once again no change in my wight. I look slimmer, but no weight has come off. I have not gained or lost weight; my brother says it's because I don't have a clean diet and I think he is right. I have been working out really hard, but not made much improvement in the types of food I have been putting into my body. I'm really trying to make better choices, but those sweets get me all the time. Also, I feel hungry all the time, I don't understand. It has really been hard. For this coming week I'm going to try to stay away from sweets and of course continue to work out hard core. I feel like I should only document when there is actual weight loss happening. What do you think or are you liking the weekly updates?

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

Dear blog, since the Girl Online book by Zoe Sugg came out, I have been reading it. It has taken me over a month to finish the book. Which is crazy because I have read books in four hours before. At first I was really not sure what to think of the book. Her writing style is not one I'm used to reading; it did take quite some time to read it. About two days ago I decided to pick the book back up and finish reading it; I still have two other books to finish. I've been making more time to read since I have not being reading nearly as much as I used too. Anyway enough rambling and back to Zoe's book. I have the Nook-book so it makes it easier to read at night when my hubby and baby are sleeping. I really enjoyed the story line; not at all what I was hopping for the story to be about. I'm not saying it was bad, it was a good book. I quite enjoyed it; I was actually sad about what happened to Penny. If you have not read the book I don't want to give everything away.

The …

Week 5 Weight Loss Journey

Dear blog, this weight loss journey has been harder than I thought. I have not lost any weight since last week. I'm not going to let the fact of not losing any weight discourage me, I'm going to keep moving forward because I love the way I feel after a workout. I feel relieved, especially if I have lots on my mind. Lately, I have been getting up on my stationary bike any time I get a chance, click here to see the stationary bike I use. I have been trying to ride for at least an hour, so far I have been succeeding. While my baby naps and there is nothing to do around the house. I will turn Netflix on and catch up on my tv shows. In an hour I have been burning 300 calories, but that is not including my work around the house, and the workouts I do in between. When I'm not on the bike, I use my kettle ball and do squats, ark exercises, and 30 day ab challenge with blogilates.

Wish List for Valentines

Kiel James Patrick: Brunch At Tiffany's, I discovered this store last year and I absolutely fell in love. In particular with this pearl necklace, I have been wanting it since I saw it. It is quite pricey, hence why I have not been able to get it. This necklace costs $82.00; I mean it is made up of pearls so I don't expect for it to be cheap. Also, it looks like a classy piece that every girl should have in their jewelry collection. Pearls will always be in style.

Tory Burch: Perfume; this one is the 1oz bottle for $65.00. This has been on my wish list for a year. The bottle is absolutely gorgeous, I can use it as a decoration on my vanity.

Tory Burch: Tilsim Logo Heart Stud, perfect gift for Valentines Day. These earrings are gorgeous.

Victoria's Secret: The Cotton Mayfair Pajamas, this pajama is so cute, it's in my favorite color. Also, I need new pajamas, I have plenty of pajamas bottoms, but not tops. This one is perfect because it brings the pants and the top. The…


Dear blog, these are the products I have used up.

This is the Yes to Carrots Scalp Relief Shampoo. I bought this product because I thought it would help my scalp that was itchy. Well it did not help, it made the itch worse and it gave me dandruff. I will not repurchase this product.

I used up another bottle of the Palmer's Cocoa butter Formula. This product is okay, I don't think it did anything for my stretch marks. When I reached the bottom of the bottle there was still lotion at the bottom, but there is no way to get it out. I don't think I will buy this product again.
I used up the Amber Romance lotion; I used it on my belly and on my feet. I loved the smell of this product. I will have no problem buying it in the future.

This is the Victoria Secret Very Sexy perfume, I have had this perfume for several years. I forgot how much I like it. It is a great fall and winter scent, I would repurchase this perfume.

This is the Dove body wash. This product has a thick consiste…

2014 December Favorites

Dear blog, these arethe products I really liked and used through out the month of December.

Since I bought the It'sJudyTime palette I have been using it every time I put eyeshadow on. My all time favorite palette, the colors are absolutely beautiful. The colors look great, you can do a neutral eye look, smokey, or even just a dark look using the darker shades. The colors go on so smoothly. I don't think they are selling this palette any more. I bought this palette from bhcosmetics.

This is the first product I have used from tarte and I was not disappointed, I absolutely love it. I bought the product at Sephora, but this is not the full size because I wanted to try it before spending the money. This product covers up any blemishes I may have, also, it luminizes my skin. The product comes out in liquid form, but when you spread it all over your face it turns into a talc consistency. This is the tarte BB tinted treatment.  I think I need to buy the next color up because it was a …

It'sJudyTime Palette

Dear blog, this is a makeup look I put together using my ItsJudyTime palette. I absolutely love this palette and have enjoyed using it. I bought the palette at bhcosmetics, but unfortunately the palette is sold out :(, which is sad because it's so good.

On my face I first used the tarte BB tinted primer. I placed a small amount on my finger and spread it all over my face.

For the foundation I used my Studio Mac Fix, I used the sponge that comes with the foundation to distribute the foundation all over my face.

As for my underline concealer I used one from Maybelline, Fit Me concealer.

I used a bronzing powder from NYC to sculpt my face. I sucked my cheeks in and sculpted on my cheeks, then up to my temples, and then to my chin.

For a blush I used flamingo from Sonia Kashuk, and to get that on my cheeks I just smile and brush on the apple of my cheeks.

To prime my eyes I used Mac Painterly
For my eyes I used the It'sJudyTime palette.