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Pregnancy Update

Dear blog, my fear became a reality. Do you remember my hospital update and how my water broke and I needed to stay pregnant until my 34 week mark. Everything was going well until Tuesday the 17 around noon. I had started my day like any other day at the hospital. I did my morning routine, ate my breakfast, and went for a ride in a wheel chair. It was time for lunch and I was craving Burger King, so my wonderful husband went out to get me some food to eat. When he got back I was already feeling down, I couldn't even stand the smell of the food he just brought in. He ate and I just laid in bed telling him that I was really cold and couldn't stop shaking. At first he thought I was having a panic attack from everything that has been happening lately and I had just spoken to a very rude person on the phone who was reluctant to help us with paying a bill. Anyway I kept getting worse as the minutes went by; at this point nurses were checking on me more frequently. I started to freak…

The Little Mermaid

Dear blog, I spend my days watching TV, reading books, playing word search games, playing uno, and surfing the web. As I was scrolling through my Instagram, I saw a picture of this really cute mermaid ensemble from the trendytreehouse shop and urbancomfortapparel. I was ready to make the purchase, but the urbancomfortapparel shop is currently closed until May 31. I don't want to buy the shirt and then not have the same size for the pants :(, but I'm going to try to wait until the shop opens again or I might just buy the shirt and wait for the bottom part. It's such a cute outfit that I would hate for it to sell out and I'm unable to buy it. That's typically how it works for me, if I don't buy it when I first see it, the next time I go, I can't find it.

I can't get over how cute this outfit is!!! I can't wait for my baby girl to wear it. I'm hopping she can wear it to Disney World next year, so I can just get a larger size.

Beauty and Fashion Wish List

Dear blog, since I'm just laying here in bed, I have had plenty of time to look through Instagram to see what other people are wearing. I created a round up of items I have liked.

I've noticed that tassels are definitely in this season. They are really cute and stylish. Great for the summer.
Neon Tassel Tote

These colorful fun pom pom wrap sandals. They are adorable!!!!
I have only purchased one of the Naked palettes and it's the Naked basics. The one I've been wanting to try is Naked 3, it looks like one I would like since it's mainly pink eye shadows, beautiful palette!
Now this may sound crazy, but I'm in desperate need of  a nail file. I forgot to ask my mom to bring one from home. 
I need to add a new Alex and Aniinitial bracelet to my collection for my baby girl. I really like Alex and Ani's bracelets, they are my favorite. If you don't own any of their bracelets I highly recommend you do. I also want to buy the one with their birth stones. 

A Special Visit!

Dear blog, I had a visit from my baby boy and parents today. I was so happy when I saw them open the door to my room. I was so relieved when my baby boy came in wanting to hug me and give me kisses. I've had this feeling that he won't remember and won't want to be near me, but it was the complete opposite. For the most part, he wanted to be on the bed with me, which of course I loved because we got to cuddle. It was nice to lay in bed with him again, I have missed it. I know it hasn't been that long, but for me it has been long enough. I have no idea how I am going to survive the rest of the time I have left in the hospital without getting to cuddle and hold my baby. They were only able to stay for a few hours so I made sure to hold him and kiss him as much as I could.

My mom helped me shower, it felt good to get washed off after being in bed all day. It was so nice to have my mom here to take care of me, a girl will always need her mom. I'm so thankful for mine an…

So many books, so little time!

Dear blog, I'm not sure if the title is fitting lol, all I have is time right now so I figured it would be perfect sarcasm. All I can do is lay on my bed, so I'm gonna have to find many books to occupy my time. Here are some that I'm interested in reading. I'm not sure how I will get my hands on them, but hey, a girl can hope. I can't spend all of my money on buying books for the next couple of weeks :/, or can I ;). I haven't found a library near me though, well there's one at the hospital, but it doesn't have any of the books I want to read :(.

I started to read the Matched series by Ally Condie, I finished the first book several weeks ago. I recently began to read the second book, but I didn't get a chance to finish it. I had borrowed it from the school's library. I had it with me the day that my water broke and as I was rushing to leave work I left the book there so I didn't get to finish the second book of the series. I do want to read …

Hospital Food Diary Day 2

Dear blog, like I mentioned in my previous posts I'm going to have lots of time on my hands. I figured I should keep a diary on what I was given to eat while I was at the hospital, just for sentimental value. My first day here was kinda chaotic, I didn't even think about taking pictures of my food. So we will begin with day 2.

For breakfast I forgot to take the picture, I was just so hungry that I didn't even think about it. It wasn't a bad breakfast; it was waffle casserole, which was really yummy, with turkey sausage patties, cereal, milk, and juice. I really enjoyed my breakfast, I really wish I had a picture of it.

Now I can't say the same thing about my lunch, it did not sit well in my stomach. I felt a little sick after eating it. I could not finish that meal ;(.

My dinner was just dropped off; let's take a pick of what's for dinner. Honestly it did not look appealing to me so I will have my husband eat this meal and he can find me something else to e…

Disney: Alice Through the Looking Glass

Dear blog, when the first live action Alice movie came out, my husband and I went to see it in theaters. I'm so sad this time around we won't be able to see it until it comes out on DVD. The movie will release in theaters May 27, 2016. If you go watch it, let me know what you think of it. I love watching Johnny Depp; he does such a good job in capturing the essence of a character. I've seen some trailers for the film and it looks great. I look forward to watching it. We even wore Alice movie shirts from Dinsey, we are such dorks lol. They have some cute items this time around in stock for this movie.

Did you watch The Mad Hatter Surprise? I thought it was pretty neat for Johnny Depp to do that. What do you think?

So much left to do!!!

Dear blog, there were still so many things I was hopping to get before I had to go to the hospital. I really wanted one of those cute gowns that I wrote about on a blog not too long ago, Baby Be Mine-Maternity wish list. Now I have to wear these ugly hospital gowns for the next three months: a big fashion no, no lol.

Also, I hadn't gotten around to ordering my baby girl a hospital outfit from the Disney store. I bought an outfit from there for my first child; he was Tiger from Winnie the Pooh and I absolutely loved the outfit. This time I was going to order a Minnie Mouse outfit since her nursery theme is Minnie Mouse. I also, liked the Snow White outfit, lol. Guys I just realized I won't even get to put together my daughter's nursery. This is so hard, it has always being my dream of putting together my baby girl's nursery; I did it for my son. My mom and husband will be doing all of the decorating. I can trust my mom, I don't know about my husband, lol. I won'…

Update on Pregnancy

Dear blog, I'm not writing this blog to get any attention. I'm writing this because it helps me to let go of this overwhelming weight on my chest. By writing it all down, I won't forget what happened, but I won't have to keep it in my mind. This is my way of  releasing some stress, and I know I will always be able to look back to this blog and see how far we as a family have come. So, if you want to read, then great; if you want to ignore it, then great. This blog is for my piece of mind, and if it touches your soul in some way, then I am glad.

I recently hit my 25 week mark and one of the scariest events happened. I woke up Wednesday morning to get ready for work, it started the same as every other day. I followed my morning routine, I prepared my breakfast and was about to sit down to eat when I just had this weird feeling that I had just peed my pants, so I went to the bathroom. Obviously I had to get changed because I had in fact wet my pants. So I went on to eat m…

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!

Dear blog, for Mother's Day last year my husband gave me a Coach watch from Dillards. I was very excited because I was wanting a rose gold watch. I still wear the watch, but it has turned black, which makes me very sad. I first started to notice the fading of the rose gold a couple of months after it was purchased. I was expecting for that to happen, but not that soon :(. Again I still wear it because I do love it, but since its not looking as cute anymore, I want to buy another watch. This time I want to buy a Kate Spade: her watches are so cute and girly. There are two that I have my eye on and this time I want to try one with a leather strap so I don't have the same experience. I couldn't find the exact one, but this is similar.

I have not seen this particular style in stores; Kate Spade New York. I came across it online and I have fallen in love with it. My favorite part is the bow, it gives it a very chic and girly touch to it.

This style looks classy, I think it would…


Dear blog, here are some products that I have finished up. This is one of my favorite blogs to write because I like to reflect on the products that I have used, to see if I would purchase them again.
This is a shower gel I purchased at Kmart, I really like the smell of this shower gel. It has a very light scent. When I used it, I felt like I was at the spa taking a bath with milk. I have used this product in the past and I buy it every time I get a chance. While searching for this product online, I saw that Walmart carries it, so yay!. 

I absolutely love this makeup remover from The Body Shop; this is the Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. It can also be purchased at Ulta. I'm so sad I used up this product, I can't wait to purchase it again. I highly recommend this product. This product removed all of my eye make up and it was very gentle. I enjoy shopping at The Body Shop, their products are very good and I have enjoyed using them. 
 For some reason I can't find this pr…

What I got for Mother's Day!

Dear blog, here are the gifts my husband got me for Mother's Day. I'm thankful for every single one of them, but the one gift that I'm thankful for the most is my baby boy. If it wasn't for my baby, I would't be a mommy. He is my pride and joy and I'm so blessed to be his mom. He is the only gift I need for any occasion.

The first gift was the Prada Candy Florale Gift Set. This scent is perfect for Spring and Summer; it will probably be my go to perfume in the coming season. It's a smell that doesn't go away easily, it lasts all day. I could still smell it in the evening.

This is a diffuser necklace I found and wanted to try.  I made a post in the past about other difusser necklaces I liked, but this particular necklace was different. When I purchased this necklace I supported an organization, Soul Hope, to help the people in Uganda, Africa. I thought it was better to buy a necklace that would help make a difference in other people's life. One thing…

Baby HM Haul

Dear blog, I recently wrote a Baby Girl Wish List and in that list I included these really cute shoes from Zara. I was about to purchase them, but, instead I decided to check the HM baby selection and I was not disappointed. I found very similar shoes to the ones at Zara, but for a much more reasonable price. I love shopping at HM, I have written several haul's on the items I have purchased at HM. There are still so many other baby items I want to get, maybe next time. In my opinion HM has the most adorable shoes for girls, there are so many more that I would buy; so there is something for everyone. Another great thing about HM is their prices are reasonable, I love shopping at this store!

Sandals from Zara

Shoes from HM, I love the color and the print on these shoes they are gorgeous. These are sandals in pink. 

I also purchased my daughter this adorable knitted beret for a great price, she will be able to use it this winter. I can't wait for her to wear it, and that bow in t…

Kirklands and TJ Maxx Haul

Dear blog, I did a little shopping recently. I wanted to make some changes in my living and dinning rooms. I first went to Kirklands looking for center pieces for my dinning table; I didn't quite find what I was looking for. I did find items I didn't mind having: I didn't purchase them but I wanted to. Kirklands has become one of my favorite stores to purchase home decor. I am a rewards member and love the free rewards. Being a member has it's perks; once you reach 300 points you receive $10. I became a member last year and I have been able to use two of the $10 rewards, on different occasions of course.

This is the Silver Pineapple Figurine, I thought it was really cute and it would go perfect on my table. I didn't get it because I wasn't sure what to pair it with on the table.

Also, I found a cute monogram storage bin, I had it in my buggy, but I ended up leaving it behind. I do regret not getting it, but I found another one for a great price at TJ Maxx. I co…

Under the Sea!

Dear blog, summer time is fast approaching: my favorite season. I love spending the days at the beach or pool soaking in the sun while swimming or just tanning. This year I won't be visiting the beach and that makes me very sad; so I have decided to bring the beach to me by making small changes in my home. We recently traveled to Chattanooga TN, we went there to meet Thomas the train, if you want to read about that experience click here. Anyway I did some shopping while I was there. We visited Ross, I love finding great deals at Ross; this day I was not disappointed. I've been thinking about changing my bed sheets because I was tired of the ones I have had. While at Ross, I started searching through the bedding section and I found the perfect quilt for my bed, needless to say I bought it.

My bed is from Ashley Furniture as well as the bench at the end of my bed. I've liked what I have purchased from there recently, so I recommend going to shop at their stores. On the bench…

Baby Be Mine-Maternity Wish List

Dear blog, I'm trying to find cute maternity hospital gowns. My first delivery was a C section, I took outfits for both options, c section or natural. But now I know that I will be having a c section and I felt that gowns were a lot more comfortable than wearing pants.

I found this really cute hospital gown at Baby be Mine. Since this time I'm having a girl, I really want to have a pink gown! I found this really cute one called Molly Gownie, I love that it's pink with white polka dots; adorable!

Here is another one that is a similar print, but different style. It's the Molly Maternity/ Nursing Sleeveless Nightgown . I like that it's easy to nurse in since I do plan to breast feed my baby.

This baby outfit is perfect because it matches the print of the items I have chosen. Perfect for the mother and daughter outfit. This is the Molly Baby Receiving Gown and Hat.

Cute websites with great items for maternity, very chic and cute!
Have a blessed day :)