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Red Juicing

Dear blog, I recently had surgery in my mouth and have not been able to chew my food, so everything has had to be processed through the blender. I have been following and watching itsjudyslife for quite some time now and I always see them drinking green juices; so does other YouTuber's like anniejaffrey. The reason it's taken me so long long to start drinking these juices is because I always see them use a specific kind of blender and I don't have one like that so I can't make any juices, but I recently experienced making juices using a Hamilton Beach blender and it does a great job. Don't be afraid to try it. If you have just a regular blender at home, get it out and start using it. Here is one of the juices I've been drinking. 
ingredients:  Half a red beet Four mini carrots Four asparagus A piece of ginger (only if you like ginger) Half an apple or mango Six leaves of spinach  Once my carrots, red beet, ginger, asparagus, and spinach are cut I placed them i…

Texas de Brazil

Dear blog, my younger graduated sometime this week and for lunch after his graduation my parents, brother, and  I went to the restaurant Texas de Brazil in Miami Beach, FL. This was my first time at this restaurant and I really liked it, I would love to go back again. This restaurant only has a few locations, here are the states where you can find the one; Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia. The buffet at the restaurant is $25 with a large selection, from salads, soups, and many other foods. Now if you want meat the price is $50 and includes mashed potatoes and sweet banana. The sweet bananas were delicious. There is a huge selection of meat, the meat servers come to your table if you have a little piece of paper saying you want meat. If you get tired of eating meat than you turned it to the other side that says no more meat. The restaurant is decorated beautifully, the food was great and th…

Howard Johnson Plaza Dezerland Beach and Spa

Dear blog, recently I stayed at a Howard Johnson in Miami Beach, FL. What a disappointment. I wish I could have just walked out of the place. The service at the front desk was terrible, the lady that was checking us in was looking every where and not paying attention to us. I did not get that warm welcome from the hotel like you get at other places. They are not interested in the customer just making more money.The original check in time is at 3:00, but the lady at the front desk told us that we had to wait until 3:20 or we could pay for another room that would get us in at 3:00. That room cost us $28 per night. The reason why we could not wait was because we had food. Now this hotel needs to update their pictures on the website because its false advertisement. Their webpage says there is a gym and a sauna, but when my brother asked they said that was a long time ago. This hotel should not even be allowed on Miami Beach, it was terrible. The pool was never cleaned it always had leaves…