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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish

Dear blog, I recently tried the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish, I purchased the nail polish at Target. I had to buy the color I wanted and the top coat, it was $14. The reason I wanted to try this product out was because being a new mom and going to school I don't have much time to paint my nails and since I'm not working I need to be saving money. That is why I thought these would be perfect items to have; oh and I have to do dishes several times a day to wash the bottles, I did not want my nail polish to get ruined. Well surprise, surprise, this nail polish has not lasted; not even one week without chipping. Which is frustrating. The website said they can last up to 14 days, well they are not looking too good.

I got the color Creme de la Creme number 430, it looks ok, after two coats you can still see the nail underneath. I'm going to continue using it because I did spent $14 on it and I don't want to just waste money. Maybe a darker color will look better, if …


Dear blog, in this post I will be showing you my baby's nursery. His nursery's theme is Disney's The Lion King from Walmart. I wanted to use a mosquito net because there are bugs where I live and also just because the mosquito net looks so cute. 

Next to the crib I have his dirty clothes basket which is from Baby's R Us. It has a lion and a monkey.

Next to the basket I have this Spongebob Squarepants treasure chest that used to belong to my brother. I'm using the chest as a place to display some his books and toys.

Next to the chest I have the changing station. The mattress cover is Simba. This was purchased at Baby's R Us. On the top part I have a music toy, a giraffe rattle, wipes, and bibs. On the second shelf I have two baskets from Walmart. I have his pajamas in one and his every day outfits in the other one. On that same shelf is the box with my nursing pads, his showers essentials, cream for his bottom, and hand sanitizer. On the last shelf I have a mon…

Wish List

Dear blog, here are some items that I have had in mind about buying, I just have not had the money to spend on anything that is not baby related.

You know by now I'm a huge Pitbull fan (Armando Christian Perez). One day I was walking through Sears and on one of the tables I saw a Pitbull poster. I immediately walk to see it and there it was, the Pitbull woman fragrance. Of course my first instinct was to go ahead and spray some on, as soon as I did I knew I had to have it. I did not purchase it, but hopefully soon. Picture from here.

I watch Anna Saccone's blogs and she wears the same accessories everyday by Alex and Ani. I have checked out the website and I like some of their bangles. They are a bit pricey; one bangle is $28, can't quite afford that. 
Also, I've been wanting to try Sally Hansen's gel nail polish, they can be found at Walmart and Target, but every time I have gone, they don't have the color I want. 
While I was at the mall down in Miami I stopp…

Breast feeding

Dear blog, I' am breast feeding my baby and giving him formula. He is a very hungry boy; my breast milk does not fill him up and the formula alone doesn't fill him up either. I tend to breast feed him before he drinks his formula so he will be full and content. Also, at night, drinking the breast milk helps him fall asleep. There are certain essentials that I have noticed I need while breast feeding. Breast feeding at first was very difficult and it was very painful to do, but  it has slowly become a lot easier and less painful.To help ease the pain I have been using this cream.

The nursing bras that I purchased at Walmart are awesome. A must for breast feeding, especially when you are out. Also, the nursing tank tops are amazing; very easy to use and very convenient. I highly recommend the nursing bra and tank tops if you are breast feeding. I tend to leave the nursing bras for when I go out and when I'm at home I just wear a workout bra, they are also easy to use when br…

Dr. Brown's Bottle

Dear blog, to feed my baby I have been using Dr. Brown's bottles I like knowing that the way the bottle is set up helps reduce colic, spit up, and gas. I have seen that it reduces the colic and spit up. But not the gas. haha I think its a great bottle company and recommend it to other parents. Now Dr. Brown's bottles are not fun when it's time to clean them because they have so many different parts. If I had known about all the different parts to clean then I probably would have simply ought the Playtex bottles that do the same thing but with less parts. I have used these bottles with my nephew and I really like them. By no means am I saying that Dr. Brown's bottles are bad they are just time consuming to clean and as a parent we want to be smart with our time and I think the Playtex bottles save time. Both bottle companies are great and I recommend them, I just hope you find the one that best fits you and your baby.

To clean my bottles I use dish soap from The Honest …

The Honest Company

Dear blog, it's been a little over a month since I gave birth to my wonderful baby boy. It has been crazy because I'm trying to get the hang of being a mom, but I love every second of being a mother. Since he has been born I have been trying out different baby products. I want to make sure what I use is the best thing for him. Since he has been born I have been using Pampers diapers; I have had some trouble with them. Very often the diapers cannot contain his pee. Whoever is holding him gets wet or his bed does, so I decide to try diapers from a different company to see if it will contain it. I registered for the free trial at the Honest Company site. I have heard so many bloggers talk about the company. I decided to do the free trial first because their diapers are pretty expensive so I wanted to tested them out first.
Let's begin with the positives. I do love that they come in different prints, it makes changing time more enjoyable. Also, I like that the company does not…

Who wants to get rid of stretch marks????

Dear blog, I thought I would write about the lotions and my routine for dealing with stretch marks. I know every woman hates the fact that we get stretch marks and we are always trying to find that perfect product to help diminish the sight of them or take them completely away. I did struggle with stretch marks before my pregnancy, but they were not too bad; but once I found out I was pregnant and my skin started to stretch, those stretch marks weren't so little anymore. I've been really trying to diminish them. I believe it is working, but it has taken a lot of determination and consistency. I only have three products that I have been using. We don't all have the same skin type and not all products work the same for everyone. These have helped me. I still have stretch marks, but these products have just helped reduced them.

I have talked about this product before and I love it. I apply this product on my stomach's stretch marks before going to bed. I like using it b…