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Victoria Secret Sport

Dear blog, I recently made a trip to the mall without the kids. I was able to walk into stores and actually look around instead of chasing a toddler around the store telling him not to touch anything and pushing a stroller around. I'm not saying this because it bothers me to go out with my children, because it doesn't, I love going out with my children. Anyway, my husband and I got some breakfast at Starbucks in Barnes & Noble. Funny story, I originally wanted to eat breakfast at one of my favorite places, Cracker Barrel. But I changed my mind because the famous fall drink is out PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE. Well to my surprise when I make my order they tell me they won't get the drink until Tuesday. Tuesday can you believe that??? I was devastated:(. I wanted to leave and not order anything but I was too hungry.

Back to the original focus of this post and that is Victoria Secretsports wear. I own several of their sports attire from previous years and they are great quality an…

Acti Labs Makeup Wish List

Dear blog, when I was walking through the mall this weekend I came across this table advertising the brand Acti Labs. This is a brand from France, I absolutely fell in love with their packaging. My dream is to visit the Eiffel Tower, and on packaging they have the Eiffel Tower so I fell in love. They are a cruelty free brand, if you are interested in reading about their ethics click here. Here are some products I'm interested in trying. This post will be only about makeup and I will write a separate post about the other kinds of products.

I need an everyday foundation, so I thought I would try a new product.  This is the Age defying Creme Foundation, I want one for me and one for my mom. She needs to upgrade her makeup collection and I'm her go to person when it comes to makeup. Which I love!!! There are three shades to chose from and at a great price.

The next product is the Contour Shading Palette . There are four colors, it looks like it bring a bronzer, blush, translucent …