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Cars 3 Tour

Dear blog, on April 19 we drove all the way to St. Louis to be part of Disney & Pixar's Cars 3 Road to the Races nationwide tour. Alamo is one of the sponsors of this great event, I thought it was a neat idea. All the children in line were really excited to be a part of it. Click here if you want to see if they are coming near you. The closest one to us was in St Louis, Mo, so we drove 4 hours so that my son can see a life sized Lightning McQueen, tech savvy Cruz Ramirez, and sleek next-gen racer Jackson Storm. It was a neat experience, but it went by too fast. We got to take pictures with each car, they do not look great because my children would not be still. One of my favorite parts was a sneak peek of the movie. We went in this really big truck that had a TV screen all the way in the front and really comfortable chairs. I had never done something like this and I loved it. So did my son he actually sat still for the entire thing. Now we were at the event for 30 minutes and …

Thirteen Reasons Why Show

Dear blog, I just finished watching Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix. I read the book several months ago and I thought it was good. I felt like the show was good too. Selena Gomez did an amazing job on picking the cast for the show and putting it together. The one thing I did not like was all of the cursing; in my opinion there is no need to curse. Putting the cursing aside, it was a good show. I was engaged I didn't want to stop watching. I wonder if there is going to be a second season???
Katherine Langford, who played Hannah the main character, did a great job. Especially in the scene where she is in the bathtub, wow that was good acting. This show gave a good description of how high school really is. I personally would not like to relive my high school years. They were the worst. I never had many friends, but I had a few from my church. The first two years of high school weren't too bad, my friends were still there. But when they all graduated, I was basically alone. So I a…

Easter Egg Hunting

Check out my latest adventure with my children.

Books:The Crossover, Booked, Everything, Everything, and many more

Dear blog, spring break was over two weeks ago and I was able to do one of my favorite hobbies. I was able to read!!! I didn't have to worry about planning because I had all week, so while my children napped I read and it felt good. I read some really good books. I read them on my phone using the Nook app. I like to read books and sometimes I like to read what my students read, that way we have something to talk about. It helps me form relationships with my students. Also, I love to see them read and if I can encourage them to read more, I will do it.

I read The Crossover by Kwame Alexander. I was a little skeptical about this book. It was an easy and fast read. It's about two brothers who play basketball and deal with other issues in their lives. Also, it touches on subjects that are hard for young children to grasp, but this book did a great job at not being too graphic. This book is also written in the form of a poem which was one of the reasons I didn't think I would l…

The Tonight Show: Jimmy Fallon

Dear blog, I don't watch late night television because, let's be real, I'm tired. I have to wake up early to get ready for work and I have two wonderful children, but there is one show my husband and I like to watch: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In my opinion, he is hilarious and has really entertaining segments. I love the thank you cards, charades, and lip sync battles. Talking about lip sync battles, one of his newest episodes had a lip sync battle with Shaq! Oh my goodness it was hilarious, but my favorite part is when Shaq grabs rapper Pitbull from the crowd to help him. Guys, you know I'm a huge Pitbull fan and hope to meet him one day (I'm actually going to see him and Enrique in concert when they kickoff their tour in June! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I meet them! We can't forget about Jimmy, he did a great impersonation of Ariana Grande and John Legend singing Tale as Old as Time from Beauty and the Beast. Also, his recent trek thro…

Disney Store Haul

Dear blog, we recently went to the Memphis Zoo for the first time. That is where my husband wanted to go for his birthday :). We had a really nice time, my son had a ball. He was exhausted by the time we left the zoo. It was a beautiful day to have a family adventure. The zoo is not too far from the Disney Store so it was only fitting that we stop by and see what we could find. Like always I never leave a Disney Store empty handed lol. We have the Disney Visa Rewards Card, one of the best decisions we made. For us its a must have because we buy from Disney and visit the parks so often that it just made sense. Also, we get rewards and I love getting cash back for shopping at places I love.

Here is what I bought.
I recently wrote a blog about our upcoming trip to Disney World and about outfit ideas. During our visit to the Disney store I found my daughter's outfits for the parks!! Woohoo!! It was just what I was looking for her first visit.
For our visit to Magic Kingdom and our lun…

Disney Outfit Ideas

Dear blog, my family and I have a Disney trip planned for this summer and I'm super excited. We are staying at the Animal Kingdom Resort. I've been to Disney World countless times and this will be my second time getting to stay at one of their resorts. The pictures online of the resort look absolutely stunning. This trip is to celebrate 3 birthdays in my family and a family vacation. I love family vacations, I get to see and spend time with my nephews, my brother, and my sister-in-law aka my best friend lol.

Here is an outfit idea that I'm thinking of wearing. Last year I bought myself and my sister-in-law (bff) a pair of mermaid leggings and we really want to wear them. What a great occasion?! Here are similar ones to mine. I will wear a purple top, I got mine at Target; its very affordable and comfortable. Danielle Nicole designed some really pretty purses for Disney. There is a Little Mermaid one that would go perfect with this outfit! Disney Couture has some really pr…