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Dear blog, I have seen videos of people showing the products they have used up in the month and doing a small review over the products. I enjoyed watching these videos so I just though I should also make one on my blog. Also, doing this little project has helped me use up all my products and buy new products only after I have emptied the one's I already have. I have finished other products, but I forgot to save them.
The Cool Fix is an after shave lotion. I got this from Sephora as a free gift. This really helped my legs feel soft after shaving. I recommend it, I will buy it again in the future.
I also, enjoyed my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer; shade bisque. I will repurchase this product, it feels like I have nothing on my face.

I really enjoyed this Dove shampoo, it helped my hair feel clean and healthy. I plan to purchase it again. 
I love this chocolate body scrub from Avon. It smells awesome.
This was a good product to use, it does what it says it does, which is rare thes…

Nails of the Week

Dear blog, I have loved doing this to my nails. I first used the base coat on all my nails and then used the color to do the french tips of my nails.


Book Talk

Dear blog, so far this month I have read three books that I have really enjoyed. I highly recommend all three of these books, they are absolutely amazing.

I read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. This particular book I borrowed from a friend. She has numerous copies of the novel; I chose this particular copy because of all the wonderful pictures in the book. I loved reading it with pictures because it brings the novel to life. I had never read this book and I can not believe it has taken me so long to actually sit down and read it. Several characters in the novel drove me crazy while I read it, but that was okay. I cannot believe the shallow mom in the book was only worried about the money, not thinking of whether her daughters would be happy. I felt like the dad had more compassion towards his daughter than the mother. I also, did not enjoy the attitude of the youngest daughter Lydia, she made me mad.  I loved Mr. Darcy, at first it makes him sound like a very mean and stuck up ki…

March Favorites

Dear blog, it is the end of another month and you know what that means, monthly favorites!!!!!

I've really enjoyed wearing this mascara, I can see that it gives me volume but it also makes my lashes look longer. 
I've also enjoyed using this Lustreglass in Pinkarat from MAC. I've been using it on top of my Rimmel Airy Fairy, which is another one of my favorites (below).

I haven't been using too much foundation this month other than for performances, so what I have been using instead is my Laura Mercier Tinted mouisturizer. I love this product, it makes my face look like I'm not wearing anything, which is a plus for me and I feel like it does cover my dark circles.

This month I have read three books, and they were One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Animal Farm, and The Wizard of Oz. It took me a while to get through One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, it was very graphic and it really isn't a topic I'm interested in, but it's still a classic and I wan…