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Pitbull the rapper

Hello everyoneIm so happy you stopped by. I 'am really excited about writing this blog. On October 12, my husband and I went to out first concert together. We went to see my most favorite artist, Armando Perez, better known by his stage name Pitbull. Have you heard of Pitbull? Well, he is a rapper born and raised in Miami FL, with Cuban heritage. What I love most about him is his sense of style. He has developed a great style through his short career; he started looking like all the other rappers, but he soon changed his style to a more classy and sophisticated look. Now, all you will see him wearing is tailored suits and other sophisticated looks. Another thing I enjoy about Pitbull is the heritage we share. I am also of Cuban heritage and was raised in Miami, FL. I love how one of his early nicknames was MR. 305. And I enjoy everytime he sings about our home town. Living in Arkansas made it diffucult to find a place close by where his tour would be stopping. My husband and I d…