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Live Original

Dear blog, Sadie Robertson will be at Lipscomb University's Allen Arena in Nashville, TN on August 29, 2015; hosting an event called Live Original. I really want to attend this event: Natasha Bure is also scheduled to be there. I watch Natasha's video's on YouTube. Sadie Robertson wrote a book called Live Original about her morals and what she believes in. I would really like to meet both of these young ladies because not many people talk about their beliefs and stand their ground any more, especially young people. I think it's great that they are willing to open up and share the Gospel. Tickets range from $29-$199. Personally I want the $199 because it includes a meet and greet; which I would love. If you didn't know about the event, now you do and if you are able to go, you should. I'm hopping I can. If I can't go I really hope that everything goes smoothly and that God works in a special way through everyone.

Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale

Dear blog, on Saturday we took a break from homework and house work and went to the mall. I passed by Bath and Body Works and noticed their sale, but it didn't register. I tell my husband hey I need to stock up on body washes, so we turned around. I felt overwhelmed; there were so may people and products. I knew for sure that what I wanted were body washes. The problem was finding the right scent, which is hard because they have so many and they had new collections. Some of the products were $3 and $5, which is impressive considering that the original price is $12.50. The sale is also happening online, so go check it out.
I got this Mahogany Teakwood, this is more of a Winter scent. I'm going to save it for those months. This smells so good, it has a musky scent to it. I got the body wash and the mist. Each product for this line is $5; which is great because the body wash was $12.50 and the mist is $14.

To me this is the best scent for the summer time. This reminds me of my f…