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Mustache Giveaway

Dear blog I went to the library to look for a book that will help me teach Spanish. I had forgotten that the book fair was this weekend, so while I was checking the book out I saw on the counter, mustache erasers. I have decided to do a mustache eraser give away.

1. You have to follow me here on Blogger.
2. Leave a comment on two of my posts; including this one. Be sure too leave your email address, name, age, and state/country
3. It doesn't matter how old you are, but if you are under the age of 18 make sure you ask your parents for permission.
4. The winner will be chosen randomly.
5. I will send you you an email letting you know if you won and check back on October 4, 2012.

6. Winner will be chosen November 4th 2012.

OOTD Monday

Dear blog, this is what I wore on Monday for class.

This long purple and black shirt from Sears
The flower belt is from Valsan
Mustache watch from Francesca's
Ring from Agaci

I went by the Library and picked up the second book in the series from Jan Karon

Oh and hey guys come and join me and the blogilates community in doing the burpee challenge if you want to know more click here.


I Love Fall Tag

Dear blog, this is a tag that is going on over at YouTube, so I thought why not bring it over to the Blogger world.  Here are the questions

Favorite Fall lip color?

Too Faced Mood Swing

Favorite fall nail polishes?

Sally Hansen in Wholesome Earth

Favorite Starbucks Fall drink?
Pumpkin Spice Latte

Favorite Fall Candle?
Pumpkin Caramel Latte from Bath and Body Works

Favorite Fall scarf?

Haunted House, Haunted Corn Maize, and Haunted Hay ride?
I've never done any of these, so i don't know which one I like.

Favorite Halloween movie?

What are you dressing up for Halloween?
I don't celebrate Halloween, but here at the school we are having an activity on the 24th and we are all going to dress up.

Favorite candy to eat for Halloween?
Candy Corn

What is your favorite thing about Fall?
My favorite thing about Fall is that i get to wear boots.

Can you find Bashful?
I tag all of you to do this tag.

Nails for the Week

Dear blog, for the nails this week I decided to go for a pink color with a silver glitter line. I first used a base coat, then two coats of the Avon cotton candy, and then using glitter from nail art. All I did was take the glitter brush and from the bottom of my nail to the top draw the line. Try the nail design and take a picture and leave it below. XOXO Dale!!

Can you find my Friend?

Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars

Dear blog, so finally there was another season of Gossip Girl put on Netflix. I don't have cable so I'm not caught up to the newest episodes of the show; that is why I get so anxious for them to be put on Netflix. I enjoy watching the show because of the cute outfits, all the drama, and of course to find out who Gossip Girl really is. It's driving me crazy not knowing who it is. How about you, do you like Gossip Girl? Any guesses on who Gossip Girl is? Every time I watch this show it reminds me of how much I want to go to Paris France and eat macaroons. I've been craving macaroons, I wish there was a place near by that would sell them. They look tough to make. My favorite character would have to be Blair Waldorf. What about you? I feel like through out the seasons she has matured very well.

Another show I've been missing is Pretty Little Liars: just as in Gossip Girl, I'm intrigued to know who A is. What about you? I still have to wait for another season to be …


Dear blog, this Thursday I wasn't feeling to well, so I was up around 7 and decided to workout. I got my workout clothes on and went to YouTube and searched for blogilates. The workouts I did today were Kill that Muffin Top for Beginners, Sleek and Sexy Arms for Beginners, and Fabulous Flat Abs for Beginners. I love doing these workouts, it makes me feel good and I'm actually doing hard core workouts. You should check out these workouts and give them a try. I then waited until it was 11, when I had to go to class. I spent my lunch time at the library looking for a book and to take some OOTD pictures. Here are the pictures showing you my outfit of the day.

Oh and this is my buddy with my favorite candle. He is Bashful from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. My dad bought him for me two years ago from the Disney store. Keep an eye out for him, he will be making some appereances and you will need to find him. 

If you are wondering about the book that I picked up, it was At Ho…

The War of the Worlds and The Time Machine by H.G Wells

Dear blog, I finally finished reading The War of the Worlds and The Time Machine by H.G Wells. Like most of the books I've been reading, I get them at the school library. I've had this book for almost a month; it took the story that long to really get interesting and catch my attention. The reason I wanted to read these book was from the television show Warehouse 13 and the episodes with H.G Wells; my husband kept telling me that the books were really good, so I decided to give them a chance. 
The War of the Worlds is about Martians invading earth, specifically England. These Martians killed people and destroyed the city of London. When these creatures landed on earth everyone was intrigued to see what they where, but once they saw what the creatures were capable of, they panicked and ran away. The main character sends his wife out of the city, but he decides to return where the Martians were. the main character spends his time hiding and in search of food. Here is when the bo…

Thursday OOTD

Dear blog, this is what I wore on Thursday. The day started out with a little bit of rain, that of course made it cold outside and that's why I have a jacket on. I did not want to dress this fancy because of the rain, but we did have a speaker come and talk about over seas teaching in a Christina Organization (NICS). 
I wore this cute gray jacket with a cute bow in the back. You have seen this crop top from Madrag. For jewelry I'm wearing my elephant ring from A'gaci. Oh and of course my Mustache watch from Francesca's. And my gray boots, I will be wearing these boots a bunch of times during the Fall/Winter months.

$8.50 A'gaci

This is from Wet Seal. Here are some more mustaches shirts and jewelry. I hope you like them and if you purchase anything leave some pictures down below. $16.50

$19.50. I found a heart sweater I'm really excited.

$5.50 $7.50
XOXO Dale!!

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Dear blog, you know that I'am obsessed with Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte. It's such a great drink and it just puts me in the Fall mood. My husband made it for me using the recipe from Elle and Blair. This tasted so similar to the one at Starbucks and that makes me so happy because the nearest Starbucks is 30 minutes away. I can't really go there that often.  What I used: Starbucks Mocha Coffee Cinnamon Pure Vanilla  Pumpkin Pure Pumpkin Spice
If you love Pumpkin Spice Latte go to the website and try it out.
XOXO  Dale!!

Wish list

Dear blog, this is my month's favorites/wishlist.
I want all the season's to Boy Meets World, Full House, and Lizzie Mcguire. I love all of these shows and recently I have been obsessing over these shows I want to own them all :).

Peter Pan shirt form Modcloth: Retro Bike Ride $34

Old Navy heart sweater. I really want a heart sweater.
Modcloth: Groomed for Improvement Necklace $14.99
Forever 21: Pardon My French Sweater $22.80. I want this sweater, it's too cute. 

These shoes are from Modcloth  Mutual Mint-erists Flat $47.99

Pumpkin Caramel Latte candle: $19.95 Bath & Body Works