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Disney Summer Wish List

Dear blog, here is my Disney summer wish list. And by now you know that I love anything Disney so no need for me to explain myself lol.

We are doing some traveling this summer, we are going down to Miami to visit family and going to Disney World. I found these bento boxes (I would just call them a container) to store snacks for our trip this summer. With two children this is a must have, we don't like to waste time stopping for food, it's a long enough trip. It's from the Tsum Tsum collection so its automatically cute!! These are currently on sale.

This will be my daughters first time going to the beach/pool so she needs a towel and a bathing suit and I found the perfect one for her! It's pink and it has Minnie Mouse!!! I'm so excited for my daughters new experience.  I'm loving this Mickey Mouse Popsicle mold. My son loves Mickey, this will make his summer:). Summers are hot so Popsicles are great for the hot season.  I'm in need of a new purse that is ea…

Disney Couture: The Beauty and the Beast Collection

Dear blog, I recently wrote my thoughts on the Beauty and the Beast movie. It was absolutely amazing, it met all of my expectations. There was a lot of negativity surrounding the film, but I chose to look at the positive aspects of the film. It was magical from the beginning to the very end. I have spent so much time watching behind the scenes from the movie; so neat! I wish I could see it in person. Click here for more details. Belle is one of my favorite princesses; that is why when I discovered the Beauty and the Beast jewelry collection, I was so excited! I love every piece of the collection, I want to own all of them. One of my favorite characters is Chip, so I was thrilled when I saw the Chip necklace and earrings.

Beauty and the Beast Live Action Movie

Dear blog, we went to watch the Beauty and the Beast live action movie and I could not be more impressed. We absolutely loved the movie, it was not a let down. We were a little skeptical because of the rumors that were going around, but it was not what I had imagined. The actors did such an amazing job. Their singing was on point; I enjoyed that they did their own singing. They were ale to add more to the story that wasn't in the original, but I thought it was good. Disney out did themselves, I can not express how good it is. I've been recommending it to everyone, so if you have not seen it I recommend that you do this wekend. If you want to hear a great review check this one out.

I'm looking forward to the last Pirate's of the Caribbean movie Dead Men Tell No Tales. I've watched the trailers and I could not stop laughing. Its certainly on my must watch movie list for this summer.

The Bachelor

Dear blog, I couldn't tell you when was the last time that I watched an episode of the Bachelor. Up until this season, I had never watched an entire season of the show. I usually just watched an episode here or there, never really caring, but this season was different. I actually watched it! I felt, since I live in Arkansas, I should support Raven (#teamRaven). Did you watch this season of the Bachelor? Who were you hopping Nick would pick? I was a little bummed on who he picked, but now I think that Raven can do better. I feel like he wasn't sure of what he wanted and he cried far too often. So did Vanessa, so I guess it worked out for the best. Raven was classy, and a little sassy; she was certainly open about her past. People talked really bad about her when she talked about her ex boyfriend. I didn't see the point of people bashing her and saying she was naive and that she shouldn't have said that on national television. We hear things like that in movies and on te…

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Dear blog, I finally got the opportunity to read the book Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and ooh my goodness it was so good!!! SPOILERS ahead, be warned! I read it in a day. We went on a trip that was several hours away from home, so I was able to read while we were in the car. I actually read the book on my Nook app. I don't usually like to read books on my phone because I like the feeling of having the actual book, but every time I've visited my local library it has been checked out. Anyway, I couldn't put the book down, I knew that this was my only chance to read it and I'm so glad I did. I liked that I was able to read it in bed and not disturb my husband while he was sleeping. This is definitely a great advantage in reading a book on my phone.  It was a very sad book, it has the romance, and it's drama of course. I feel like Will Traynor (the main guy, he is confined to a wheel chair after an accident) could have made it work with Louisa Clark (the main girl his …

City Girl Goes to the Rodeo!

Dear blog, since I've been living in Arkansas I've been intrigued with the idea of going to the rodeo. I have just never gotten around to going to one, I don't even know if there is one in the area I live in. So, if I ever get the opportunity to attend a rodeo, this would be my ideal outfit. I like to keep things simple and classy, and that is what I was going for with this particular outfit. In reality, I'm a city girl; not much of a country girl at all, so this is what a city girl would wear to a rodeo. My outfit was inspired by items found at the King Ranch Saddle Shop.

I found this really girly and classy white top, Dawson City Shirt. I like how fitted it looks with the detailing in the front. Also, I love the style of the sleeves; they look like a bell. I love this top!!! I would pair this top with these flattering Skinny ankle jeans from HM. I love HM jeans, they are very comfortable and give my body a nice shape.

I don't own any boots with fringe, nor ankle …