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October 2014 Favorites

Dear blog,  I hope you had a great month :). Here are some items I have been loving for the month of October. 

I showed this Mark Twain Library candle in my Barnes and Noble post. I have been looking for library inspired candles and I finally found some at Barnes and Noble. I was ecstatic. I love burning this candle, during cold, rainy days. It just adds a little something to the day.

I have been fond of The Body Shop online store. I'm obsessed with the Wild Argan Oil collection. The smell is just phenomenal, it reminds me of baby powder (which is a smell I absolutely love). When I lather this body butter on at night, the smell helps me relax. So far I have tried the body butter, shower gel, and rough scrub. I would like to try the body lotion and oil lips; they are definitely on my list of items to try.

This is the Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle. I haven't tried any other lip butters, but I like this one. It's a nice hydrating butter in brown.

Lately I have enjoyed w…

H&M Wish List

Dear blog, my obsession with H&M has gotten out of control. In the past month I can't count how many times I have visited their website; it's crazy. Every time I check the website, I find items that I like. Here are some of the items I have my eyes on and would love to buy.

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This is a Circle Skirt for $29.95. I really like the light color, I have been looking for neutral color skirts and I just love this style and color.

Another Circle Skirt that I love; it is a little pricey. This is in the light blue color for $49.95. It looks very classy, it is imitation leather. I love the style and color; I have really been on the look out for a skirt this.
I like this shirt to pair with the light color circle skirt from the top. I like the light color of the blouse. This is a Cotton Blouse for $24.95. 
I really like these shirts: in pinkli…

Barnes and Noble Mark Twain Library Candle

Dear blog, several blog posts ago I mentioned how I enjoy the smell of old books. I even mentioned a shop on Etsy that sells candles inspired by the old book smell. I have not purchased any from that shop; even though I want too. I would still like to try old books, Dumbledore's office, and Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey (Doctor Who reference). Well my husband and I went on a date not to long ago and of course we stopped at Barnes and Noble to get some Starbucks. I mean our date cannot be complete until we have had our coffee. While I was browsing around I found some candles, and I thought well let's see if they have the scents I have been looking for. To my surprise they are selling bibliotheque inspired candles. I was so excited that I started to smell them. The candles were specifically inspired by old writers (Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe and many more). which I liked. Sadly I could only get one because they were on the pricey side, $20 for each. Now the packaging w…


Dear blog, this is the outfit I wore to my family outing to the Hemingway-Pfeiffer Educational Museum.  It was a cold and rainy day, so I wanted to wear something that would keep me warm, but at the same time look good.
My bow is from H&M

My bracelets are from Alex and Ani.
My necklace is from Juicy Couture. I did not find the same one as mine, but I did find a similar one.
Over my long sleeve shirt from Target, I'm wearing a long Kimono from Avon. I'm still wearing maternity jeans because I have not found a pair that would fit my body right now.  I'm thinking of ordering some from H&M.

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H&M Haul

Dear blog, recently my mom made an order from H&M, we are obsessed with this store. We love everything, especially the low prices. This purchase is for the cold months that are coming my way.

For some reason I have no idea where all of my winter hats and mittens are, I think I lost them in our move several months ago, oops.

This is the Cable Knit Hat in light taupe for $12.95. This color would look great with any outfit I decide to wear. Also, I believe it would keep my ears and head quite warm.

This is a 2 pack of Gloves in Burgundy and Gray for $6.95. 

This is the Jersey Set black striped for $12.95 outfit for my baby, I have had my eyes on this panda outfit for a long time. I don't know if I have mentioned it here yet, but I have this huge obsession with panda's now. In another post I'll show my other panda items ;). I love this outfit, I can't wait for him to wear it :D. Oh my goodness, finally the panda bib that I have been wanting to get from H&M are back…

Ray Ban?????

Dear blog, I have been wanting to own a pair of  Ray Ban sunglasses and not to long ago my husband surprised me with my own pair (the sunglasses cost $200 very expensive). I was so excited because they were just my style. The lenses are pink (my favorite color), the frame is black, and the legs are white. I mean they are gorgeous and I just loved wearing them every time I went out. I would even get upset when there was no sun because I wanted to wear my fancy sunglasses. Well little did I know that Ray Ban's will break easily. I was wearing my sunglasses very proudly, but I had to bend down to pick something up. The next thing I know my Ray Ban's are on the floor shattered; not both lenses, only one. How is that possible? They cost $200; for that price you would think they were better quality. I mean I would never expect them to break that easily. So many people purchase from that company, I thought it was a smart company to invest in a pair of sunglasses. I mean I absolutely …

Hemingway-Pfeiffer Educational Museum

Dear blog, on October 17, 2014 my husband, son, and I decided to take a trip to Piggott AR to visit one of Ernest Hemingway's houses. This museum is made possible by Arkansas State University, I think they have done a great job of modeling and finding every item that either belonged to the original family or is very similar to the items they may have owned. Since I'm such a book worm, it's always nice to see and learn first hand about the author you are reading about. Personally I have not read any of his novels during my spare time, but did read some short stories for my English Composition class in college. Now that I have visited this place I'm looking forward to reading some of his books.

This picture is from the living room; if I remember correctly this room has the original furniture to the Pfeiffer family. They looked in surprisingly good condition for being almost one hundred years old.

This is the parlor; the piano found in this room is original to the Pfeif…