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Sunny Health and Fitness

Dear blog, since I am on this weight loss journey I have been using different tools to help me achieve my goals. During the day I don't have much time to go outside and walk so it has been really helpful to have my stationary bike. When my baby is napping I'll sneak in 3 minutes on my stationary bike. I try to stay on level 4 or above. I love it because I can listen to music or watch a show on Netflix. It helps the time go by much faster. If I want to work on my arms and shoulders I'll just grab my dumb bells and do some workouts, This also helps my heart rate go up to intensify my workout. My husband bought my pink stationary bike from Walmart; Sunny Health and Fitness Folding Recumbent Bike it was $98.99, not that expensive for a stationary bike. This bike is easy to store and will take up just a small space in the room. Also, it tracks the time, speed, distance, and calories. This is my all time favorite thing, like I mentioned in my Tory Burch Fitbit post I like knowin…

Week 4 Weight Loss Journey

Dear blog, Christmas came and ended way too quickly, but I'm proud of myself; I kept my meals  to mostly clean foods. I did miss eating my typical Christmas Eve and Christmas Day food; I usually eat pork, rice, beans, yuca, and so much more food. Typical Cuban food (which I love), but since I wasn't in Miami this was not an option :(. Anyway I did not workout this week at all which I regret, it was just so crazy and hectic between traveling and coming back home and getting readjusted to our home routine has been a bit harder now that we have a baby. The baby doesn't do too well in new places. Back to my journey, for the last two weeks I have been researching more about The Trim Healthy Mama way of eating and starting a healthy lifestyle. I've been a bit hesitant, the book is $35. If you are interested in purchasing the book, you can find it on Amazon. Also, I'm not sure about some of the recipes found in the book. A friend from church lent me her book so I can look…

Week 3 Weight loss Journey

Dear blog, this week has been crazy! I have been sick, so I was not able to workout. I feel that instead of moving forward, I'm moving backwards. I can't seem to get a grasp on this weight loss. I have lost 2 pounds, but that was due to being sick. I have seriously had a rough beginning to my journey and let's not even talk about next week! Traveling and eating food that I don't typically eat. It will definitely be interesting. I hope I can make smart food choices and watch my portions even if I can't workout. You know how it is when you don't feel comfortable somewhere to workout! I will for sure make smart choices and try to stay away from all the sugar since that seems to be where I struggle the most. I'm not giving up on my journey I just hope that I can keep moving forward and focus on the end goal that I want so much. I have been loving my new pink Nike shoes, they are absolutely adorable and comfortable. They have been my inspiration to workout latel…

Victoria's Secret Hair- Dry Hair Shampoo

Dear blog, not too long ago I did some shopping at Victoria's Secret and bought some hair care products. I have been using, or I should say trying to use; the dry shampoo. The first time I used the product I had no problem, it smelled amazing and helped with the oil in my hair. But since then I have been unable to get the product out of the bottle. It won't spray: the last time I tried it, it leaked out and got in my eye. I was so disappointed, I was really hoping this product worked; it smelled so good. I loved the way it made my hair smell. Of course I won't be able to use this product any longer and it is sad because I still have most of it left. This product cost around $16. Now I have tried finding the product on their online store but can't; maybe they saw what was happening with their bottle and decided to take it off of the shelves. I think they should should fix the bottle. I mean the product it self was not bad. But like I said, I couldn't find it on thei…

Tory Burch Fitbit

Dear blog, have you heard of a Fitbit? Well the Fitbit is a tracker, it tracks your steps, distance, and calories for the day. I have been wanting one because I'm on this weight loss journey and I need as much motivation as possible. I'm like every other girl who likes to see results quickly, I need to know how many calories I burned and how many steps I have taken. This motivates me; I like to make it a game. I really like the Fitbit that Verizon Wireless offers' it's Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband for $149. I find Verizon Wireless to be a very reliable company, I have my phone contract with them and I absolutely love doing business with them; I have never had a problem. Best Buy also sells them and Best Buy has one in Pink; of course pink is my favorite color. Best Buy offers the same one as Verizon Wireless, but it also offers the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Wristband in Pink and this one is only $94. The cool thing about the Fitbit Flex is that they ha…

Haul: The Body Shop, Sephora, and bhcosmetics

Dear blog, I have been doing some shopping since all the stores are having great sales: here are some of the products I have decided to purchase. I hope you enjoy!

I shopped at The Body Shop during cyber Monday, let me tell you it was very difficult to get my shopping done. It took forever to get items in my bag and then to check out. It was awful, I thought I wasn't going to be able to shop, the page would constantly freeze. Everything was 50% off, even my favorite collection the Wild Argan Oil Collection. I'm so happy that I was able to purchase more of the products from the collection. I bought the Wild Argan Oil Solid Lips, and Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion. I can't wait to start using these products, I absolutely love the smell!

Also, I purchased the All-In-One Insta Blur. I'm really looking forward to trying this product; it claims to control shining for 12 hrs; this is a big deal for me since I struggle with extremely oily skin. It also, reduces the appearance of p…

Week 2 Weight Loss Journey

Dear blog, this week has had it's ups and downs. I feel like I'm getting stronger and have been able to complete my blogilates workouts. Sadly I have been having some problems with my internet so the videos won't load, but I ride my stationary bike for about 30 minutes changing the levels of speed. Diet wise I believe I have made healthy choices, maybe it had to do with the fact that I have been sick. The thought of food makes me want to vomit. I have had to be careful with what I eat if not it will be coming back up and that is not something I want. The number on the scale has drop, but I don't feel any different. This is a very difficult journey, but I'm going to keep pushing forward because I really want to achieve my goals. Hopefully I will learn to appreciate the way I look and I remember the struggle it was to finally achieve that goal.

Week 1 Reflection on Weight Loss Journey

Dear blog, I have completed my first week and it was a bumpy week. I struggled with some of the blogilates workouts. For some, I didn't have the upper body strength and for others I'm not that flexible yet. I did try my best to complete each workout. I did fail to complete the calendar; I didn't do it on Saturday or Sunday :(. There is no excuse for me not doing it the rest of the week. I do hope I do better this week. My food choices are still not the best. I definitely struggled with making healthier choices.

Weight for the week 193. It is very discouraging not seeing the weight go down. Hopefully I use this as motivation to work harder this week and see the weight go down.

November Favorites 2014

Dear blog, its that time again, another month has come and gone. So it's time for me to do my November favorites. I would love to know what you liked from the month of November. So please leave me a comment below.

I am really bad when it comes to remembering to remove my makeup before going to bed because I never had a product that I liked. Usually they are too oily or leave the area around my eyes feeling dry. Around two months ago I made a small purchase from The Body Shop online and bought the Camomile eye makeup remover. I absolutely love this makeup remover, it does a great job of removing all of my makeup, include mascara and leave my eyes feeling good. This product is just perfect not too oily, but not too harsh on the skin; again it's perfect! This is the Camomile gentle eye makeup remover.

Another product I have been loving is the lip balm's by Burt's Bees. I love this moisturizing one in coconut. I used this while I was in labor. This product has really helpe…

A Belle's Baubles

Dear blog, I recently discovered this website that sells beautiful bracelets made of wire and necklaces. The bracelets come with either a gold or silver wire; crystals adorn the bracelets and necklaces, they are beautiful. I ordered one for myself; it has white elephants. I absolutely love the way it looks on my arm. I have looked at other boutiques that sell similar products and this particular boutique has it at the best price. I was hesitant about purchasing from the other boutiques, but once I found this one I had to get the bracelet with the elephants. I highly recommend this boutique; I have seen many bloggers sporting these kind of bracelets. A Belle's Baubles

Here we have the lovely Shelby from Pretty In The Pines wearing the bracelets. Since they use different colored crystals, you can purchase the colors that best compliments your outfits.

Here is another blogger sporting these kind of bracelets. A Preppy State of Mind. An awesome thing about these bracelets is that they…

Weight Loss Journey

Dear blog, for several years I have dealt with thyroid problems; I have hypothyroidism; this slows everything down, you have no energy, memory loss, fatigue, and weight gain. Which I have experienced all of these symptoms, even hough I do take my medicine every day to keep it under control. I'm not using this as an excuse, but it sure is making the weight loss progress slow. For the last couple of months I have been feeling really down; especially every time I look in the mirror. I feel disgusted, ugly, and fat; I know I should not think this way (the weight should not matter). But I feel like I have no energy. I have been doing workouts I would be able to do before my pregnancy with no problem, now I'm struggling and that has really gotten to me. So I have decided to make changes in my life; eating and working out wise. I have decided to take on the challenge of finishing this month's blogilates calendar. I love working out to blogilates; but I have never completed the mo…