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Pompeii City on Fire

Dear blog, I just finished reading another book from the school library. The name of the book is Pompeii City on Fire by T.L. Higley. She is an amazing author, she likes to really connect and do her research before she writes; she travels to the places that she writes about in her book. If you are interested in looking at pictures from her travels, visit this website This book is based on the city of Pompeii and how it experienced another disaster. There are two main story lines in the book. Cato who moves to town from Rome and starts to sell wine, but then he gets dragged into running from the emperor because he wants to free the people of Pompeii from his rule. The other story line is about a young girl who wants to escape her master and she joins the gladiators pretending to be a boy. But if you want to know what happens with these two characters you should go to your nearest library and check the book out. You will not regret it, it's really good.

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear blog, today is the day of being thankful and telling those around you how thankful you are that they are in you life. My husband and I usually spend Thanksgiving with my husband's family, but they are on a road trip. So my husband and I spent Thanksgiving us two.  Everything turned out really good being our first time doing it alone.

How to make the Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat, topper for your Christmas tree.
White poster board
Red construction paper or paint
Tape or glue

First you draw a circle on a white poster board. (Make sure you will have room to cut another circle inside of this one)
Cut it out.
Draw a smaller circle inside of the one you have just cut out.
Cut this circle out.
Cut a square piece of poster board, as long as you would like. (Make it wide enough to wrap into a circle to fill the small circle in your poster board)
Use the small cut out from the second circle as the top.
You can either tape or glue the poster board together once you have rolled it in…

Dr. Seuss and Universal Studios

Dear blog, last year for, New Year's, my family and I went to Universal Theme Park in Orlando, FL. This is the first time went to a theme park for the holiday's. I absolutely loved going to the parks during a holiday. I especially love the way that they were decorated. I want to go to Disney World's Magic Kingdom this year. I love riding all the rides, they are so much fun, but not to fun when it is cold and you get wet, lol but oh well. The park did a great job on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I was not  a big fan of the ride "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey", because it made me very dizzy and I did not like having spiders that close to my face. While walking through the castle, I felt like I was actually in the movie. If you have not had the chance to go to Universal Orlando, you should. Also, I loved the show "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". This was such a cute and amazing show. I loved the Whos from Whoville, they are so cute. So, to…

Winterlicious Tag

Dear blog, this is a winter tag that was created by Macbarbie07 from YouTube. 
Your favorite winter nail polish?

Your favorite lip product?
Your favorite winter clothing piece?

Most winter worn accessories?

Favorite winter scent/candle? -- Apple Cinnamon Your favorite winter beverage? -- Hot Chocolate
Your favorite Christmas movie? --- The Santa Clause Your favorite Christmas song? -- I'll be Home for Christmas
Your favorite Christmas treat/food? -- Candy Cane What is at the top of your Christmas list this year? -- I would like to go to Disney Magic Kingdom with the family.
Your favorite Christmas/ Holiday decoration?

What are you panning on doing this year for Christmas? -- This Christmas my husband and I are flying to Miami and spending Christmas and New Year's down there.

Products I've been loving

Dear blog, here are some of the products and beauty items that I've been loving and wearing the most.

This product really leaves your hair feeling soft and smelling good. It also helps with split ends.
This Dove product is amazing, it gives my hair volume and the waves that I want. This has been the only Mousse that has given me what I want in my hair. It really does what the bottle says, not every product out there does exactly what's on the bottle
Drinks I bought this drink at Target; Pumpkin Spice packets that you make at home. This drink is very good and very similar to the one you buy at Starbucks.
This Chai Tea, I purchased at Starbucks, it's an amazing tea that is made with milk. I absolutely love it.
Face This is a bronzer from NYC. Ii is a really good product, it gives me such a great glow, especially now that my skin is getting lighter.
This N07 product has done an amazing job with my face, it has controlled my acne. 
This is the Garnier under eye roll on puffe…