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Where have I been?

Dear blog, where have I been? It was  a crazy end to 2013 and a crazy beginning to 2014. Last semester was very time consuming, I didn't have time for a social life. I spent my time completing assignments and working. I did experience several breakdowns through out the semester where I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue in this career, but I kept moving forward no matter how hard the semester got. I have to thank my husband and my parents for helping me get through the semester and for all their prayers. I finished the semester with all A's which was such a relief because I was freaking out. Last semester I also, took the Praxis Content Knowledge and thank God I passed that as well; just one more test and the rest of this semester and I'm on my way to getting my teaching license. Here comes the most shocking and unexpected news that I found out in November. I am PREGNANT!! I'm not going to lie, at first I was really scared and could not believe that I was pregnant…