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OOTD Lauren Conrad Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Dear blog, my husband and I recently went to the movies. The last time we went was to watch Disney's Finding Dory with our son. This time we took both the children to the movies. I like to take the children with me wherever I go; I like to make memories. Its not easy to take them with us, but I'm up for the challenge. Anyway, I went to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It was a nice film, easy to follow. It was funny, sad, romantic, and it even had action. It had something for everyone, depending on what genre you might like. I recommend you watch it if you haven't.

Anyway back to the point of this post, the outfit I wore to watch the film. I wore one of the shirts that I recently purchased at Kohl's from the Lauren ConradDisney'sSnow White collection. If you are interested to see what else I bought from the collection click here. I love this shirt, it is so flattering and I love that its girly.

I love the graphic on this shirt, its very pretty; my dau…

Thanksgiving Day Outfit of the Day

Dear blog, I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving Day with their loved ones. I know I did and I'm so thankful for that. I'm blessed to have a family. This year, I'm really thankful for the life of my daughter. To me she is a miracle; if you have read my old posts you would know that we had a really big scare with her. I went into early labor and she was born a premature. It was for sure a trying time, but it all worked out in the end, thank the Lord.

Well this year I wore a red and black dress from Kohls. It's from Lauren Conrad's Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection. It's a beautiful dress, it has the cut outs on the shoulder, a style that is very hot this season. I got it on sale about a month ago. I don't think the collection is still on sale at the store, but here is a similar style. Lauren Conrad has a great sense of style and comes out with the cutest outfits. I highly recommend you check out her collection if you haven't. …

Kohl's Lauren Conrad Snow White Collection

Dear blog, I enjoy shopping at Kohl's. Every time I visit the store, I find something that catches my attention. This time I shopped online because they didn't have one of the shirts I wanted in the store. I spend way to much time browsing through the Kohl's website. Anyway, Lauren Conrad has the cutest designs and themes. Her recent theme is Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It's a stunning collection, with such beautiful pieces. I actually purchased two of the shirts, but I wish I could have gotten more from the collection.

I'm a Disney fanatic so I was excited to get my hands on the collection.

This is the front of the shirt, it has Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I love the detailing at the bottom and the material is super soft. This is a beautiful shirt, I can't wait to wear it.  

 I love the bow detail on the back, very girly and chic.
I like the tags:). She attended to every little detail, very nice.

This is the second shirt, it's a beau…

Sick Day Routine

Dear blog, I woke up this morning not feeling too good. All I want to do is still be laying in bed, but with two children, that is not an option. So I'm up and about, this is what I do on those days that I'm not feeling like myself.

I like to lay down at the end of the day on a clean and comfy bed. I start my day by making my bed. I then head to the bathroom to brush my teeth, we use Crest Complete. We buy ours at Sams. Who doesn't love buying in bulk? After that, I pick out my outfit of the day. Before I put my outfit on, I put on deodorant. I'm currently using Young LivingMeadow Mist deodorant.

I like to be comfortable and cozy especially during the fall season. I went for my New Balance workout pants and my Harry Potter shirt from Kohls. Oh and I can't forget my Harry Potter Hogwarts socks from Target, but you can also find them at Kohls!!!. My feet are always cold, so I always wear socks. I go crazy at Kohls. I can make an entire post on just Harry Potter produ…

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Dear blog, my favorite time of the year is around the corner. Can you guess what that is??? Okay, I'll tell you, it's Christmas!! I absolutely love Christmas, I have beautiful memories of that time of year. This year has been extremely rough and stressful, I'm wanting to do something fun to celebrate this Christmas. If you have read my previous posts, you would know I went into early labor. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks and my daughter had to stay in the NICU for two months. So I had a very crazy summer. I did not get to take the summer vacation I had planned. I didn't get much of a break, I left the hospital, but I still spent a lot of my time at the hospital visiting my daughter. I started to work as soon as the school year began. So I feel like all I've done is go, go, go and I'm ready for a small vacation. I want to visit my favorite place in the whole wide world which is also known as the happiest place where dreams come true. That's right, I want …

Fall Essentials Wish List

Dear blog.there are some items that are essential to me for the Fall season. One of my all time favorite items to wear during the fall season are boots!!! I love boots. I've been wanting to find the perfect ones for me. Several years ago, my mom bought me a pair at Kmart that are brown and black and I absolutely love them. I've been wanting to find another pair similar to the ones I already own. I have bought a pair from Tory Burch twice and both times I've had to send them back because they wouldn't fit right, I was so disappointed because I really want to own my first pair of Tory Burch boots. They are so cute!!! I found a pair of Michael Kors boots that are also very cute and half the price of the Tory Burch boots.

Another fall accessory I love to wear are scarves. They help me stay warm and cozy while I'm out and about. Also. I like how the scarves just bring an outfit together. I've always wanted to own a Burberry scarf, they look so classy. One day I will…