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Dear blog, it is time to start a new semester. I'm getting so close to being done with my Master's degree. I have 5 classes left; God willing I will complete my Master's and graduate this August. I'm so pumped to finally be done and get a small break from school. Which is ironic because my degree is in teaching. It is time to buy text books and school supplies. Even though my classes are online, I still like to have a notebook to take notes as I read. Also, I love post it notes to write reminders of when assignments need to be turned in, pens, pencils, and highlighters. I'm all about making to-do lists, so I always have a piece of paper around that tells me what I need to be doing.

This is a lap computer desk, I bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond it is not found online. I have had this desk for about 5 years now. I really like this desk because it can be moved around; it can be used on the couch or just to sit on the floor. This desk has two slots on the side to keep my textbooks organized. Also, the middle section of the desk can be raised or kept down depending on how you prefer to have it. I usually keep it down because it's easier for when I'm writing notes or just to place my laptop on top of it.

Notebooks can be purchased at any store, I just found this Kate Spade Notebook Set for $12.00 to be really cute (since I don't remember where I bought mine).

My pencil pouch is from Target, but from two years ago. So I found this Kate Spade pencil pouch to be similar to the one I bought at Target. In my pencil pouch I keep pens, highlighter, and a nail filer.

I love sticky notes and to-do lists to help me stay organized. I bought these items at Target from the $1 section. I found these really adorable Kate Spade Sticky Note Set.

I found that Kate Spade has really adorable office items that I would love to use during the school year.

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  1. So much cuteness for back to school!

    God bless,

  2. Ahhh that pencil case is so adorable!

  3. Everything is so cuuuuute!
    I wish you the best luck for your master degree.

  4. Best whishes on completing your degree! and Kate Spade office is super cute!

    1. Thank you :). I know everything is so cute; I want it all lol

  5. There's nothing I love more than cute office/school supplies! Love those notebooks!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules


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