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Hey guys,

I love everything that has to do with fasion from the clothes to the makeup, but my college major is in Early Childhood Education. There might be some of you going into this field and I just want to give you a resource that would be good to use in your classroom. I learned about Marcia L. Tate during my Field class; we practiced her techniques many times in class. Before I continue I should tell you Marcia Tate is a writer, she writes books about techniques and strategies to help the students learn and gives classroom managment tips. Trust me, I have been in many classrooms that are in a desperate need of Marcia Tate ideas. I had the opportunity to read one of her books called "Shouting Won't Grow Dendrites." This book changed my whole perspective on classroom managment. In this book you can learn many different tyechniques of how to create an atmosphere that is inviting to the student. She recommends having pictures, plants, candles (make sure your stundets are not allergic), and of course to be a posotive teacher. There are many negative teachers out there and that is not good for students. I would love to own more of her books and of course I would love to hear her speak in person one day since her book has been so helpful to me, it has given me some great tools to use in my own classroom. It would be such a great opportunity to hear what she has to say and of course to learn more. I would really recommend for you guys to check out her books; they are very helpful. They can be found on for around $23, you may think it's a bit pricey but it's worth every penny.

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