Target mossimo shoes

Hi guys sorry I've been gone for so long, but I was visiting my family in Miami and then went to Las Vegas. Anyway I want to write about one of my previous blogs, where I talked about the nude flats from Target. I wore the flats on my trip to Miami, those flats were not made for walking or to be worn for so many hours. When I arrived back in Miami I had blisters all over my feet; I was not very happy since I heard these flats were comfortable, but they werent. This is why I wore them while in Vegas, I thought they would stretch, but I was very disappointed. I could not walk in them much, I had to take a pair of sandals with me to change into when the pain became unberable. I would suggest to not use these flats for walking for a long period of time. Consider yourself warned lol. If you had a different experience with the flats let me know down below or if you have a better suggestion on what shoes to walk in please let me know. Have a blessed day :)


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