Hi beauties have you visited the ModCloth online store. I have to admit this store has so many cute clothes, accessories, shoes, and apartment. I would love to shop there, but everything is so expensive. The main reason I wanted to talk about this website is because they have clothes very similar to the television show Mad Men on ABC. The show is about advertising in the 60s, it is slightly boring sense there is very little in the way of action, but it is well written and intriguing. I like watching it because of the fashion. I love the style of the 1960's. I love this store, sadly I have not had the pleasure of buying any of their products, but I certainly love what they have to sell.

Check the website out and if you buy anything leave a picture down below, I'm sure you will fall in love with so many things, like I did :)

It was nice having you, come back

All pictures are from ModCloth.

Ok I saw these and I just want to have them!!!! Aren't they cute :)

 I like the Eiffel Tower


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