Shampoo: Victoria Secret vs Dove

Have you worked out today? If you haven't you should head over to Blogilates on YouTube. Cassey the instructor is great and she will have you working hard. So go check her out and let me know what you think of her workouts. 

Hi I'm back with a new blog. This is going to be a review on a couple different shampoos I've used. I absolutely love the smell of the Victoria Secret So Sexy Shampoo, but I came to realize that the consistency of the shampoo is very thick and it does not feel good in my hair. When I would wash my hair, I felt like if I didn't, it felt oily. So I decided to try Dove shampoo, this shampoo is great: it smells amazing, it feels refreshing, and smooth on your hair. I can go three days without washing my hair and it still smells good, I could not do that with the Victoria Secret shampoo. Just because I don't wash my hair everyday doesn't mean Im a gross person, it's just better for my hair since it's so oily I need to let the oil out. 

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