Sigma Paris Makeup Palette

I'm back and this time with the review on the Sigma  Paris Palette, I know I'm late; I just really wanted to try it and give my honest opinion of the palette. There are two reasons why I purchased this item; one, because I love Paris and I want to go there one day and two, because I really enjoy watching DulceCandy87. The colors are very nice, but I feel that they are only good to be worn at night because they are so dark and have a lot of glitter. I was disappointed because I was expecting more of matte colors that I could use during the day. I feel like I spent so much money that I wanted to be able to use the palette but I can't because I don't like all the glitter. I don't like that the whole palette is with glitter, I wish there were matte eyeshadows  in the palette. I do love the colors for the face, you can look at them in the second picture. The top color is name Rouge, i use this to contour my face and it works great, the second color is called Peche and I use it as my blush it gives an amazing glow to my face, the last color is Lumiere and this is what I use to highlight certain parts of my face. I also, really enjoy using the brushes included in this palette. They are so soft and work wonderfully while applying the colors. this was my first time using Sigma brushes and they are really great, if you haven't tried them you should. This is my honest opinion I do not like the eyeshadows, I wish I hadn't spent my money on it, I bought it for the wrong reasons. Have you used the palette did you like it?


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