Book Review and Summary: Catch 22

I just finished reading Catch 22 by Joseph Heller, another book from my list. It took me some time to get into the book. It felt like it was very slow and not much was happening. I felt that to read this book I needed to have lots of patience because in certain sections of the book it drug on. It was an okay book; the book is about several men that are in the military, but just want to be sent home and get out of the war. They were afraid of dying in the war. So what they did to protect themselves from dying was getting sick and being sent to the hospital. It wasn't always easy to be sent to the hospital, there was always a catch and here is where the title comes into play. I'm going to use an example of what is a Catch 22.  These men are expected to complete a certain amount of flight missions and then they would be sent home, but what they noticed was by the time they completed their missions they were given ten more missions that needed to be completed. In order for them to get out themselves out of harms way, they had to harm themselves. They complained to the officers and everyone in charge that it wasn't fair. These men would take trips to Rome and hook up with prostitutes, they didn't treat these women very well. There was a soldier named Milo and he was in charge of buying different products, tobacco, eggs and more; he would then sell the products to make money. If you want more about the book, go to your nearest library or bookstore and check it out.


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