Outfit of the Day, Olive Garden, Starbucks, Bath and Body Works and Francesca's Haul

Dear blog, this Saturday my husband and I decided to go on a date; it had been a stressful week and we wanted sometime away from campus. Our date started with a nice lunch at Olive Garden, I was starving. I started off with a type of chicken soup, kind of like Chicken and Dumplings. Then I had Steak Gorgonzola-Alfredo. It was amazing, I was a little hesitant at first, but once I started eating I didn't want to stop, lol. We then went to the mall to walk off the amazing meal. We stopped at Barnes and Noble to have some Starbucks; I had my favorite fall drink the Pumpkin Spice Latte, I love the scent of this coffee. I just want to have that smell in my house because it trigers something in my mind that helps me relax. We sat there and just talked until we finished with our drinks.We did some shopping. We stopped at Francesca's Collection and bought the neon green with polka dots blouse; it was on super sale, lol, I got it for $18. Then we went to Bath and Body Works where I bought some body wash from the Paris Collection (my favorite) I would have bought more, but had to save some money. Oh and some hand sanitizer fall scents, I was super excited to purchase these. 

What I wore:

Shirt from Alice in Wonderland Collection at Forever21
Jeans from Gloria Vanderbilt from Sears, I love the way these jeans fit on the body. 
Grey Boots
Avon Silver Watch
Stacked Bangles

How was your weekend?


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