Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars

Dear blog, so finally there was another season of Gossip Girl put on Netflix. I don't have cable so I'm not caught up to the newest episodes of the show; that is why I get so anxious for them to be put on Netflix. I enjoy watching the show because of the cute outfits, all the drama, and of course to find out who Gossip Girl really is. It's driving me crazy not knowing who it is. How about you, do you like Gossip Girl? Any guesses on who Gossip Girl is? Every time I watch this show it reminds me of how much I want to go to Paris France and eat macaroons. I've been craving macaroons, I wish there was a place near by that would sell them. They look tough to make. My favorite character would have to be Blair Waldorf. What about you? I feel like through out the seasons she has matured very well.

Another show I've been missing is Pretty Little Liars: just as in Gossip Girl, I'm intrigued to know who A is. What about you? I still have to wait for another season to be put on Netflix so that I can be caught up. The things that I find interesting is that theres barely any light used in this show. When they are inside it's so dark and mysterious, Im guessing that's what they were going for, lol. Any guesses on who A is? I think A is a group of people who work together in accomplishing their revenge.


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