The War of the Worlds and The Time Machine by H.G Wells

Dear blog, I finally finished reading The War of the Worlds and The Time Machine by H.G Wells. Like most of the books I've been reading, I get them at the school library. I've had this book for almost a month; it took the story that long to really get interesting and catch my attention. The reason I wanted to read these book was from the television show Warehouse 13 and the episodes with H.G Wells; my husband kept telling me that the books were really good, so I decided to give them a chance. 

The War of the Worlds is about Martians invading earth, specifically England. These Martians killed people and destroyed the city of London. When these creatures landed on earth everyone was intrigued to see what they where, but once they saw what the creatures were capable of, they panicked and ran away. The main character sends his wife out of the city, but he decides to return where the Martians were. the main character spends his time hiding and in search of food. Here is when the book started to get interesting for me. It was towards the end when the main character meets "artilleryman" (thats he is called in the book). The "artilleryman" had been working on a way to attack the Martians and kill them. He had a plan in place, but the main character thought he was crazy and decided to leave him. He started to walk through the city, hiding of course, he started to notice something different about the Martians; some weren't moving. What could it be, the character thought. On earth the Martians were exposed to germs and diseases, something that did not exist on Mars. At the end, the character and his wife reunite. This book is not very long and combined with The Time Machine was only 276 pages. Overall it is an ok book, if you are interested in alien movies and books, this is a good one. All I can say is what an imagination, lol. 

Now The Time Machine. This one had my attention from the beginning, I really enjoyed it. This book is about a time traveller and his friends. His friends were waiting for him to join them for dinner, he was late. Once he arrived, he gathered them in his study and told his adventure. The Time Traveller believes he has created a Time Machine, but his friends don't seem to believe him. One day the Time Traveller takes a strange trip to the future. In this trip the Time Traveller meets several different people. The Eloi were the first set of people the Time Traveller encountered. These Eloi are described as being very happy and playful. they are also very strange. They were like little children. The Eloi were very scared of nightfall because strange things happened. The Time Traveler's time machine disappeared and he went crazy looking for it, he thought he found it behind some bronze doors, but he couldn't get it open. he wasn't able to communicate with the Eloi very well since he didn't speak their language. The Time Traveller saved one of the Elio, her name was Weena; in the book it said that the Time Traveler did not know if they had gender, but he assumed Weena was a girl. The Time Traveler met a different type of people, the Morlocks. These weren't very friendly and they lived underground only coming out at night and disturbing the peace of the people above, the Eloi. He tried to fight off the Morlocks; he would use matches to create light that would scare them. The Time Traveler went in search of a way to fight the Morlocks. Weena goes with the Time Traveler and they end up out in the woods once again being attacked by these Morlocks. They managed to escape because the sun came out. The Time Traveler and Weena went back to her town. The Time Traveller falls into a trap the Morlocks laid for him; they left the bronze doors open for him to find the time machine, but once inside, he was locked in there. He managed to get the time machine to work, he ended up in a weird world where there were giants crab. He escaped from there also, finally reaching his own time period. And that's where the book begins, the Time Traveler telling his story. His friends did not believe him, but he did show them the time machine and it was dirty. they were still a bit sceptical. To prove his friends wrong, the time Traveller decided to go on another trip, this time taking a camera. They didn't know how long he would be gone. 

Have you read this book? It's really good, you should go to the library and read it.
Have fun reading



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