Happy Thanksgiving

Dear blog, today is the day of being thankful and telling those around you how thankful you are that they are in you life. My husband and I usually spend Thanksgiving with my husband's family, but they are on a road trip. So my husband and I spent Thanksgiving us two.  Everything turned out really good being our first time doing it alone.

How to make the Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat, topper for your Christmas tree.
White poster board
Red construction paper or paint
Tape or glue

First you draw a circle on a white poster board. (Make sure you will have room to cut another circle inside of this one)
Cut it out.
Draw a smaller circle inside of the one you have just cut out.
Cut this circle out.
Cut a square piece of poster board, as long as you would like. (Make it wide enough to wrap into a circle to fill the small circle in your poster board)
Use the small cut out from the second circle as the top.
You can either tape or glue the poster board together once you have rolled it into shape.
Either paint or cut strips of red paper to create the strips.
Put the long cylinder into the small circle and you have your Cat in the Hat Christmas Tree Topper.


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