Pompeii City on Fire

Dear blog, I just finished reading another book from the school library. The name of the book is Pompeii City on Fire by T.L. Higley. She is an amazing author, she likes to really connect and do her research before she writes; she travels to the places that she writes about in her book. If you are interested in looking at pictures from her travels, visit this website NoPassportRequired.com. This book is based on the city of Pompeii and how it experienced another disaster. There are two main story lines in the book. Cato who moves to town from Rome and starts to sell wine, but then he gets dragged into running from the emperor because he wants to free the people of Pompeii from his rule. The other story line is about a young girl who wants to escape her master and she joins the gladiators pretending to be a boy. But if you want to know what happens with these two characters you should go to your nearest library and check the book out. You will not regret it, it's really good.


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