Products I've been loving

Dear blog, here are some of the products and beauty items that I've been loving and wearing the most.


This product really leaves your hair feeling soft and smelling good. It also helps with split ends.

This Dove product is amazing, it gives my hair volume and the waves that I want. This has been the only Mousse that has given me what I want in my hair. It really does what the bottle says, not every product out there does exactly what's on the bottle

I bought this drink at Target; Pumpkin Spice packets that you make at home. This drink is very good and very similar to the one you buy at Starbucks.

This Chai Tea, I purchased at Starbucks, it's an amazing tea that is made with milk. I absolutely love it.

This is a bronzer from NYC. Ii is a really good product, it gives me such a great glow, especially now that my skin is getting lighter.

This N07 product has done an amazing job with my face, it has controlled my acne. 

This is the Garnier under eye roll on puffer. I really like this product, it really works.

This is a body scrub from Avon, it is chocolate scented. It is a great body scrub, it helps exfoliates my skin. 


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