Because of Youtube Beauty Tag

Dear blog, this tag was created by A Brunette Duet and I decided to do it over here on my blog. You guys should do it as well.

5 products you have purchased because of a beauty guru's recommendation

Dulce Candy
Dulce was the first Youtube guru I started to watch. It was hard to pick products that I purchased because of her recommendation. So I went with these two products. The Paris Palette, I bought it because she was one of the creators, so it was special. I wish i could get her to sign it. The next product is the Chanel exfoliant, she did a great video describing what the product did so I bought it.

Paris Palette

Chanel Exfoliant

next we have Bethany, she also has recommended so many products, but I went with this Elf palette because I like it. It's great quality and it brings a variety of products.

 Elf Cruella de Vil palette

She does a great job advertising Lush products that I just had to try one. I've seen her use the lip scrub in one of her tutorials and I thought it was cool because I have dry lips.

Lush Lip Scrub

Rachel loves this Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. She always has something nice to say about it and it looks flawless on her skin, so I wanted to give it a try. It's a great product, but a little pricey.

4 beauty gurus you would like to meet or have met

I would like to meet Dulce Candy she has helped me so much with makeup and showing whats good to use and how to use it. Bethany (Macbarbie07) she is so fun and informative, I enjoy watching her videos. Rachel (checkinthemirror) I love that she is not afraid to speak about her faith, she is very informative and fun to watch. Eleventh Gorgeous they are so hyper and fun to watch, what I like about them is that they use affordable products and that makes it easier for me to go out and try.

3 techniques you have learned or changed because of YouTube

From watching Annie Jaffrey I learned how to contour. She did a great video describing it and going step by step on how to do it. I love painting my nails and doing cool designs, but it wasn't until I watched Bubzbeauty that I started to learn how to do fun designs on my nails. Lastly, before YouTube I did not use eyeshadow primer, but now I do.

2 beauty gurus you've become friends with through watching videos

I have not become friends with any of them, but I would love to.

1 video that has been the most helpful to you

This is is going back to Annie's contouring video. It was great every time I do my makeup and want to contour I go through the steps she showed in her video. 



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