Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and Mary Poppins

Dear blog, I was supposed to read this book back while I was in High School for summer reading. I never got around to doing it because it didn't catch my attention, but now that I'm in college I've been challenging myself to read books that are classics or difficult to read. To be honest, even now this wasn't a book that I couldn't put down. Quite the opposite, but I'am proud to say that I did read it all. I had to read several pages more than once, because I was so confused about what was going on. This book is about a world where books are evil and people are not allowed read them. They thought books were not worth your time since all the authors were dead, how could they possibly connect with you. Also, the government didn't want people to think for themselves. If the citizens were found with books in their home and reading, firefighters would come to the house and burn it. Yes, these are not your typical firefighters that stop the fire, they actually start it. The main character is Montag, he is a firefighter (he was the guy burning the house). He was becoming curious about books, so everytime he would go burn a house he would save a book. Montag's curiosity was sparked by this young girl named Clarisse; she had a different mentality about the world. After a time of him not seeing her, he came to the conclusion she was killed. Montah is married to his wife Mildred, she did not care about books, she was more interested in watching T.V. She actually turns her hurband in, she called the fire department and Montag was forced to burned down his own home. Montag has some help from Professor Faber, he told him where to go when he started running away from the peolple chasing him. He manages to escape and live with other peolple who were also escaping becasue of their love for book. These people have memorized books just so that they can pass the stories down from generation to generation and not be completly lost. The book was good, it is about censorship, we all know how people today want to censor so many books, well this book is against that.

Alright I am very mad I have tried several times already to get tickets for Mary Poppins on Broadway here in Miami and it doesn't let me buy the tickets I don't understand what is wrong with their website it keeps saying error. I really want to go see the play, it's one of my favorite Musicals. 


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