Target, Sears, and more Fashion Haul

Dear blog, I do most of my clothes shopping down here in Miami, the reason for that is becasue I come home during the Holiday's and there is always a sale and because I have a larger selection of stores I like to shop in.


Pencil Pouch, has sevral different compartments; it's very pretty, but a bit pricey $12

Long Sleeve shirt. orange, very soft. I think they were on sale for $8, but original price was $10, not bad. This brand is Merona

Long Sleeve shirt around $8 from Merona
I love this skirt; I got it for $19.99. It fits amazingly.
Mint belt for $12

This is a face cleanser for $8. It's been great for my oily skin, it controls the oil and acne

This silver long sleeve top was on sale for $13. It looks amazing and it fits great

I've been wanting a jean jacket for a while and I found this one for $20. I love it.
I don't usually buy items from the Kardashian collection, but sometimes I manage to find something I like and that has great quality. This shirt was on sale for $18.99. And I love that it has a shoe on the front, it's very comfortable. Highly recommended, there are other colors as well.
These are a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans for $21.99. This is the brand of jeans I use, they fit and look great. Best jean brand ever. If you guys have not tried her jeans you hsould, you will not regret it.
These shoes are from Covington. They are comfortable for $17.99

The Bakers store near me was closing down so they were having an amazing sale, buy one get one 50% off, but the great part was that every shoe was on sale and you still get one for 50% off. I bought this gray pair for $29 and the next pair for $10, I spent $40 on two pairs of shoes when, in that store, rarely do you find anything below $50. I love these shoes because I've been wanting to own shoes just like these. I'm happy I found them and at a great price.

This has a Peter Pan collar, for $16.99. I love it

Bath and Body Works

This is the Paris Candle I wanted, I got the small one for $12.99.

Navarro this ia a Cuban drugstore that offers great products.

This is a scarf that reminds me of the brand Burberry, since I can't afford the real thing I bought this one for $6


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