Benefit, Michael Kors, and Betseyville

Dear blog, I've done some shopping, but it has been spread out so I've been waiting for my package from Benefit to come in. From Benefit I ordered some of their skin care line. I ran out of my toner and decided to try theirs since it is specifically for oily skin. I also purchased the spray mist. I have only tried  it a couple of times. I will put up a review after a month of using it, but I will say this, it smells amazing. I look forward to using the products in the morning just because of the smell. They were pricey, for both items I paid $55. It is much cheaper than the Chanel skin care line though. I went by JC Penny's and bought this Betseyville watch for $30, what caught my attention was the flower pattern; it's going to be great for Spring. Also, it has a vintage feel to it and I love that. The last couple of items that I purchased were from Dillards. I really wanted a wallet from Michael Kors, but usually they are really expensive, but when I went to the store, certain wallets and purses were on sale. I decided to get this one and not leave it behind because I would have regretted not buying it when it was in such a good sale. I bought two wallets, the pink one is for me. Also, my iphone fits inside it, that was another reason why I wanted to get it. The red one is for my mom, it's actually a surprise so don't tell her lol. For both wallets I spent $102; that is not bad considering that the one I got my mom originally cost $138. I love when items are on sale and I can get more for my money.

I love the packaging it's so girly. I like that the products come in plastic containers so they won't break. The best part is that they look like they are in glass.


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