February Favorites

Dear blog, these are the items and products I've been loving this month of February. I finally got my hands on all the seasons of Boy Meets World on DVD, my husband and I have been watching all the season's since we got them. He's not as big fan of the show as I am, but it is growing on him. His favorite characters are Eric and Jack, he thinks they should have their own show.

I've also, been loving the study of David by Beth Moore. She is great, I love reading this study every morning after I wake up. It helps me stay focused on God, and stay positive about everything I think and do through out the day. It makes me feel relaxed and happy.

This month I've been really enjoying doing Zumba Avanzado Rumba. The great thing about this workout video is that it has dancing while slimming down my body and toning it as well. The music is great and fun. 

My favorite beauty guru for this month is emilynoel83, she is a great beauty guru. She always gives great advice on which products to use and what not to use. She is not scared to let her viewers know if a product is worth the money spent on it. She uses a wide range of products from drugstores to high end stores, mostly drugstore and I really like that. If you have not checked her out, she is awesome and is always trying products out to let her viewers know what is best. 

I've been wearing this Betseyville watch everyday. I love the print and I love how it looks so vintage.

I've been loving these boots I got for Christmas, they are from K-Mart. They are so stylish, I've worn them so much this semester, especially since it's been very cold here; the boots have been keeping my feet warm. 

I also got this body mist for Christmas, it smells amazing. It's called sunny and happy it really makes me happy.

I wear this Maja talco as a way to matte my face everyday. I have oily skin, this product has really helped keep it in check and it also smells amazing.

Songs I have been loving are "Reason to Sing" by All Sons and Daughters and the next one is "Ho, Hey" by The Lumineers



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