Summary of Rules of Civility

Dear blog, this weekend I decided to take a break off from doing school homework, so I spent all weekend reading a book just for pleasure. The book I chose to read was Rules of Civility by Amor Towles. I saw a friend of mine reading the book and the book cover really caught my attention that I added the book to my reading list, which keeps getting longer. The Rules of Civility are the one's that young George Washigntom wrote, and all 110 of them can be found at the end of the book. They are fun to read, everytime I remember one I try to act the way the rules say. I really recomend this book, I could not put it down. The book is set during the late 1930's. It's about a young lady named and Kate and her roommate, Eve. They both lived in a boarding house and they did not have a whole lot of money. While spending the last day of 1937 out on the town, the ladies met a young man named Tinker who was a banker and he was at the Jazz bar waiting for his brother Hank. After that night the three of them wanted to meet again. The next time they met was to go watch a movie, since the girls usually don't have any money they sneak into the movie theater without paying. Eve is jealous of her friend Kate, because Kate is getting more of the attention and she did not like it. One day all three of them planned to go out on a date, but the date did not go as planned. The date started at a retaurant, where they met Tinker's godmother. After they met her the night got a bit awkward and Kate offered for them to leave. When they left the restaurant they were rear ended by a milk truck that lead to Eve being flown out of the passenger's seat. Eve was injured very badly. She was in a comma for several days, once she woke, Tinker offered to care for her, he felt responsible for what happened to Eve. Eve ended up with a scar on her face and a limp. Tinker is known for having money, Eve was presented with new clothes and everything she wanted. After the accident Eve and Kate did not talk as much. Kate took care of Eve until one day she told her to not come back. While Kate was caring for Eve she took a tour around the house and found a book with the Rules of Civility she thought it was sweet that a guy had these and followed them. Tinker took Eve on a trip around Europe, while Kate stayed back in New York working and hanging out with new friends. Kate started hanging out with Wallece, a young man she met at a party that Tinker and Kate had. They went out until it was time for him to go fight in the Spanish Civil War; Kate was devastated. Tinker and Eve were back from Europe, Eve was found drunk in an alley. Eve rejected Tinker's marriage proposal. Eve left New York for Los Angeles. Kate met up with Tinker, she really thought something was going to start between the two of them, but she was wrong. She changed her hair color for him. She was meeting a friend at a restaurant in Chinatown, but she saw someone she recognized, it was Tinker's godmother with Tinker, and her hand on his thigh. Tinker's godmother saw her and so did Tinker, she stormed out of the restaurant because she did not know what to think or do. When she saw them both together she discovered that she really wasn't his godmother, he was just sleeping with her and everything he had either belonged to her or she gave it to him. Kate went to her friend Dicky's house and they hooked up. They dated for quite some time. When Kate was upset or sad she would go to a church and sit there. Kate was upset about everything with Tinker. Dicky found Kate at a church and there told him everything that had happened with Tinker, he asked her if she had feelings for him and of course she did and that was the last of their relationship. Kate went after Tinker, she heard about what happened to his brother Hank, he had burned all of his paintings and joined the military. Kate and Tinker spent a coupple of days together, but he ended up leaving her. Kate spent years without knowing what happened to Tinker until one day she was out with friends from work and she received a note from someone, it was Hank, he told her that Tinker did not leave New York, she spent more years in search of him and found nothing. She gave up and accidently bumped into him. Kate went on and married a man named Val and was still living in New York.


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