The Catcher and the rye

Dear blog, I just recently finished reading The Catcher and the Rye by J.D Salinger. The reason this book made it into my book list was because several semesters ago I had to take a test and one of the questions made a reference to a bear walking in the park; and this book was one of the options. I honestly had no idea what the answer to that question was because I had never read this book, since then I've been wanting to get my hands on this book and read it. The author does talk about going to the zoo and looking at the bears, but now I'm beginning to think that maybe this wasn't the book; I wish I remembered the other options, oh well. As for this book, it was a great read, I read it in one day, it has 216 pages and was an easy read. Through out the book, I was wondering how the title related to the story being told, well I have learned that sometimes the title is not always clearly defined in the book. The reference the catcher and the rye was actually used only once, I found it ironic seeing that it is the title of the book. The main character sounded a bit crazy to me, the way he viewed other people. It was as if he wanted to live in a world were no one thought they were good at something; he viewed everyone as fake. I found that weird because today we tend to behave like that towards other people, we believe that just because they are good at something that they think that they are better than everyone.
The book is about this boy named Holden Caulfied, he was a student at Pencey a school in Pennsylvania. Holden got kicked out of school because he did not apply himself;  he was taking 5 classes, failing four and passing one, English. He does not like phony people, you could say he always looks for the bad in others. He left the school several days before he was scheduled to leave; the main event that led him to leave was a fight with his roommate. His roommate had been on a date with a girl named Jane, a girl he knew from growing up; he was scared for her because he knew the type of guy his roommate was, so he spent most of the night trying to get details of the date out of the guy, but he did not budge, until they began insulting each other. Holden ended up on the floor bleeding. He decided to crash in his neighbor's room. He did not really get along with his neighbor he wasn't considered very hygienic; he had pimples all over his face, and he did not brush his teeth.  He grabbed all of his belongings and left for new York city. One of the belongings he loved the most was a red hunting cap he had purchased in New York. While in New York he did not know where to go, seeing that he could not go home until Wednesday because that's when his parents were expecting him. He was scared about confronting his parents since he had left several other schools. He stayed at a hotel, but he was not tired. Holden spent most of the night out around town, trying to find people to spend the night with, since he felt so alone. Whenever he would go into a club he would order scotch, but they would not serve it to him since he was a minor; he thought he could get away with it just because he was 6 feet tall and had gray hairs. He talked much about his brother D.B who wrote a book, but moved to hollywood to write movie scripts. He does not believe his brother should be working in movies; his calling is writing short stories. Another person he talks about is his brother Allie who died but he is always thinking about him and having conversations with him. The last person he is very fond of is his younger sister Phoebe. She is described as smart and very talented; he is very fond of his sister and really cares for her. While in the city he asked an old friend to go on a date with him, she accepted and he took her to a play. She loves plays, he on the other hand, hates them because he thinks people are phony just because they know they are good at what they do. The date was going well until he asked her to move away with him and live in a cabin. He doesn't even like her, he thinks she is a pain in the butt; he actually told her this and their date ended very badly. He left without her. He ended up in a club where he got extremely drunk; he calls his date back and apologizes, she just asks him to go home and go to bed. He had nowhere to go, he had no money. He couldn't go back to the hotel, he had gotten into a fight for not paying a prostitute her money. That night he decided to go home and visit his sister Phoebe, he was hesitant because he did not want to wake his parents up. Once he entered the house, he found his sister. At first he doesn't wake her up, he looks around her room and admires all of her things before finally waking her up. She was very excited to see him home, but she wondered why he was there so early and not on Wednesday. She discovered he had been kicked out even though he tired to deny it. He tried to come up with excuses why he didn't like it at the school but most of them were because the people were phony. His parents weren't home though. He asked a professor from another school he had attended of he could stay with him. After he reached the professor's house, they talked for a while. The story continues, but if you want to know how it ends, you should read it yourself.


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