Victoria Secret: Pink Spring Break

Dear blog, I have recently tried this Pink Spring Break Bronzer. Let's start with the positives; it smells great and it gives you that look like you have just tanned. It wasn't too pricey, only $15. Now to the negative, before I purchased the item, I asked several people in the store if it would stain my clothes, some had never used it, and the one that had used it told me that it would not. So I took her word for it, she does work for the company, but oh how wrong she was. This bronzer stained my clothes and it did not stay on. I did what she told me to do, wait for a little while and then get dressed. I did, and it still stained and it rubbed off as soon as I put clothes on. I would not recommend this product. I was really sad that it did not work because I've been wanting to use something like this to get some color before summer. I don't like tanning beds, so I was looking for other options that are healthier for my body.
What do you all think of this product? Would you recommend another product? I look forward to reading your comments. 


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