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Dear blog, so far this month I have read three books that I have really enjoyed. I highly recommend all three of these books, they are absolutely amazing.

I read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. This particular book I borrowed from a friend. She has numerous copies of the novel; I chose this particular copy because of all the wonderful pictures in the book. I loved reading it with pictures because it brings the novel to life. I had never read this book and I can not believe it has taken me so long to actually sit down and read it. Several characters in the novel drove me crazy while I read it, but that was okay. I cannot believe the shallow mom in the book was only worried about the money, not thinking of whether her daughters would be happy. I felt like the dad had more compassion towards his daughter than the mother. I also, did not enjoy the attitude of the youngest daughter Lydia, she made me mad.  I loved Mr. Darcy, at first it makes him sound like a very mean and stuck up kind of guy, but he really isn't. You have to give him time to explain himself. I was sad when the story ended, I wish it could have kept going and talked about the wedding.

My next book was The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. Now The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain, should be read first, because much of Huckleberry Finn ties back to Tom Sawyer. So if you decide to read it keep that in mind. Huckleberry Finn lives with a widow, but he does not like it because she makes him behave like a civilized child. His dad comes and gets him because he wants money. Finn escapes from his dad by faking his death. He goes on an adventure with an escaped slave. The book was an easy read, until the slave spoke; I had no idea what he was saying but that was ok. Towards the end of the book the slave gets captured and Finn  tries to save him, it doesn't work out to well because he is believed to be Tom Sayer.

My next book was The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. I felt like the two books have a similar story line because in this book, Tom Sayer tries to get away from everyone. He and Huckleberry are witnesses to a murder, but they do not want to let anyone know who committed the crime because they did not want the guy to come after them. Tom does end up testifying, but the bad guy gets away. Tom and Huckleberry find him and become rich by doing so because the bad guy was hiding lots of money.

I also read Go Ask Alice. This book is based on real events; the names of people and places of course have been changed. The book was very sad, it was really scary. I feel like teenagers need to read books like these in order for them to see the effects of drugs on their life, but then I feel like they would still go ahead and try them. After reading this book, I most definetly understand why my parents use to say, never accept candy from strangers or drink unattended beverages at a party. I highly recommend this book to anyone, it is a must read.


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