Dear blog, I have seen videos of people showing the products they have used up in the month and doing a small review over the products. I enjoyed watching these videos so I just though I should also make one on my blog. Also, doing this little project has helped me use up all my products and buy new products only after I have emptied the one's I already have. I have finished other products, but I forgot to save them.

The Cool Fix is an after shave lotion. I got this from Sephora as a free gift. This really helped my legs feel soft after shaving. I recommend it, I will buy it again in the future.

I also, enjoyed my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer; shade bisque. I will repurchase this product, it feels like I have nothing on my face.

I really enjoyed this Dove shampoo, it helped my hair feel clean and healthy. I plan to purchase it again. 

I love this chocolate body scrub from Avon. It smells awesome.

This was a good product to use, it does what it says it does, which is rare these days. I will repurchase this product.

I love Dove hair products, but I felt like this shampoo was not meant for my hair. It did not make my hair feel soft, instead it felt rough. I did like the smell. I will not be repurchasing this product.

I did not like this Gel cleanser and I will not be repurchasing it. The actual product didn't help or hurt my skin, it didn't do anything. I did enjoy the applicator; the brush is like getting a facial, it just needs a better cleanser.

This is one of my Bath and Body Works body washes. I love the scent and most of all I love the theme, but that is not enough for me to repurchase. I don't feel clean for a long time with this body wash and the smell doesn't stay on my skin like other products do. I will not be repurchasing this product. I want to find a good body wash that really cleans and soaks into my skin.

So these are my empties, what are your empties?


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