Dear blog, I have not done a blog in some time so here is one.

I got these shoes at Charlotte Russe, the reason I got them was because soon I will be student teaching and I want to have comfortable shoes but still be fashionable. The best shoes that came to mind were  wedges. I tried these on and they are very comfortable. They were very inexpensive also $30.

This is the DKNY Be Delicious perfume, I bought it in the small size for $20 from Walmart. I tried it once and I loved the smell. It's fresh, but at the same time very sophisticated. I feel like it is a day and night fragrance.

These two lip products are from Nivea and I got them at Walmart. I have heard that they are very moisturizing while leaving a light amount of color on the lips.

 You guys know I'm a Doctor Who fan, so we went by Barnes and Noble. I saw this book and I had to have it. It was $10.

This is the first book in the Star Wars series (based on the movies in chronological order); Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. It was $8 from Barnes and Noble.

I read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin last month and I absolutely loved it. I knew I had to get the movie, but now I need the book. This was on the $5 rack at Walmart.

This is the first season of the show Bewitched I purchased at Target for $9.99. I love this show. It's very funny.

This is the complete 1 and 2 seasons of Full House. You guys know I've been after these for a while. I found them at Target for a great deal, $16.99 for both of them together. It's great I'm so excited I found it.

I bought this body butter from Target; it's a bit pricey, $9.99, but I could not pass it up because I love the scent. This smell reminds me of the beach and sunscreen which is one of my all time favorite scents. I wear sunscreen just for the smell.

This is the coconut water cleansing wipes from Target for $5.99. I purchased these because I have heard several girls from YouTube talking about them. I'm excited about using them because I love coconut water.

 These are face masks from Target, $1.99 each. I got these to use with my mom when I visit. I plan on having spa nights with her to help her relax and just have quality time with her.

I have been loving these shoes since I first saw them. I was curious to see how they looked on me and if they were comfortable, which they are. I was so excited, they are comfortable and easy to walk in. I can bend down with them and wear them for long periods of time. These shoes are from Dillard's, $110.

I love the way this dress looks on me. This dress is from Francesca's and was on sale for $33. I think it's a great summer dress.

I did not buy this book, but I did want to include it in this blog because I'm currently reading since them movie based on it will be coming out in theaters soon. I love this book and I want it to be fresh when I go see the movie. I'm also very excited to try the dance workout video from Blogilates that is in honor of the movie. Oh it looks great.



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